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when u look at me
i feel i m fine
when u call me
i feel i m good
when u ask me
i feel i m intelligent
when u see me
i feel i m beautiful
when u give me smile
i feel i m happy
when u touch me
i feel i m alivewhen u talk with me
i feel i m someone Special
and finally when u r not with me
i feel i m NOTHING!
I miss you.
I miss all of the caring
things you do,
and spending the evening
alone with you.
1 day :-)
2 days :-)
3 days :-)
4 days :-)
Money says spend me noy,
time say waste me not
flower says touch me not
study says leave me not
sms says erase me not
& i say forget me not
Just Wondering..!
Would U Smile At Me If I Smile At U..?
Would U Say Hello If I Greet U..?
Would U Talk 2 Me If I Talk 2 U..?
Would U Add "Too" If I Tell U "I Miss U"..?
app ne suna hai?
nahin suna?
fm 98,101,103 nahin suna
bbc.cnn,ptv per b nahin suna tu sunu
i miss u...?
if you happen to miss
a person whom you
loved so much its your
FATE but incase you
give a chance to miss
a person who loved
you so much its your
When the night has come and the land"s dark.
When the moon is the only light.
We"ll see, look at the stars
Can you count them?
I miss you that much.
Near ones are not dear,
dear ones are not near,
it is easy to remember the near ones,
but very difficult to forget the dear ones.
Missing You.
Don"t forget that someone somewhere is wishing for ur happiness on
every falling star. Missing You!
Every tear is a sign of brokeness,
every silence is a sign of lonliness,
every smile is a sign of kindness,
every sms is a sign of remembrance
i miss u
Whenever I miss u I won"t luk 4 u in my dreams
or try to hear ur voice in ur msgs.
I just put my right hand across my chest and I feel U