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Sun wudn''t
/I'' Be yellow
Sea wudn''t be Blue
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
- - - -
i Wudn''t be happy
()* "()
widout saying gud nite to u!
A late night greeting doesnt only mean good night It has a silent
msg sayin.. ur my last thought at night.
800 Kamron Ka Mehal Ho Aur Raja Ka Darbaar,
Income Ho Arbon Me Aur 10 Farari Car,
Sub Spne Mei Hi Mil Skta Hy yaar,
Is liye Jagna Hy Bekar Sote Rahiye Sarkaar..
Andheri sadak,

sunsan kabristan,

sooni haveli,

kala aasman,

rat ho gayi,

so ja shaitan.

Good Niight..
Gud night

Agar ap ladkE Ho to aapke
sapane me aishwarya, karina,
aur katrina aye

Aur agar ap larki hO tO aPke
sapne me mai khud Aunga..!
Night is shorter than day 4 those who Dream. Bt,d day s shorter than nit 4 those who mak their Dreams com true.

Good Niight..
I''m sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to comfort you all night
& a prayer to protect until morning.

Sleepy Msg For A Sleepy Person From A Sleepy Person From A Sleepy Frend For A Sleepy Reason At A Sleepy Time On The Sleepy Day In
Sleepy Mood To Say Plz Sleep
''''Gud Nite'''' ;->
There maybe those on earth who dress better or eat better,

but those who dream of me sleep better and wake up happier!

Good night!
Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow.

Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you.

Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good night!
To Whom It May Concern: Please be notified that the most beautiful creation of God is preparing to sleep... Send your greetings now while she''s still awake. Good night! :)
One (''""()
good ((")'')
nite ("(,,)
Kiss for you....
* * (''""() Bye
* ("(''o'',) bye
* (")(")(,,) * *
Sweet Dreams !