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If I get ur smile, I don"t need flowers, If I get ur voice,
I don"t need music, If u speak to me I don"t any body else,
If ur with me I don"t need the world. luv you, Good Morning
Khuda se koi baat anjaan nahi hoti, jab insaan ki bandagi
beimaan nahi hoti, kabhi maanga hoga aapne 1 pyara sa dost,
yu hi aapki hamse pehchaan nahi hoti!!
I wish God made me a SMS, so that I can reach you in 5 sec,
Cost u nothing, u"ll read me & I cud C U smiling which is
worth a million 4me. Good Morning.
SORRY.... SORRY.... SORRY.....SORRY....Dont get confused,
oh Ho SORRY means: S-Some,O-One Is,R-Really,R-Rememberinhg
Y-You.....Have A wonderful day.... Good Morning
L%k out$ide,it$ $o plea$ent* Sun is $miling 4 U* Tree$ dancing
4 U* $tanrs $inging 4 U* $ky praying 4 U* Cloud$ l%king 4 U* & ME
mi$$ing & waiting 4 ur msg or call.Good Morning
,_o/" Pleasant
"l Morning!
Coz every new day brings new Life....
new blessings....
new hope!
Have a nice day! GUD-MORNING!
Hi Good Morning...!!! Uth gaye ho na? Arz hai,Chai ke pyale se
uthte dhue mein teri tasvir nazar aati hai,Inhi khyalon mein kho
kar aksar meri chai thandi ho jaati hai...
The smile is like a simcard and life is like a Cellphone,
whenever you insert the Simcard of a smile a beautiful day
is activated...
A Morning is a wonderful blessing,Either stormy or Sunny,
It stands for hope,Giving us another start of what we
call ...<*L*I*F*E*>...GooD MoRnInG....have A nice dAy.
The mist turns to l,ight,Morning takes over the night..
Another beautiful day dawning,Its time to wish a very
Good Morning....
Love urself ,Flirt with ur understanding,Romance with dreams,
Get engaged with simplicity,Marry genuiness,Divorce the
ego...Thats Good Life... *Good Morning*....
Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai, Sooraj ne gagan se Salam
bheja hai, Mubarak ho Aapko nayi subhah, Tahe-Dil se Humne
ye Paigaam bheja hai Good Morning