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I believe that God above created you for me to luv. He picked me
out from all the rest coz he knew I"d luv you the best!
U luk sweet when u read my message.
U luk sweeter when u read my message & smile.
U luk sweetest when u read my message, smile & reply.
So, try to look sweetest.
As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in ur arms, I can"t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & u"ll see that it"s true,
Day & night my thoughts r of U.
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U R A 100%
Gorgeous Babe XXX!
I wish I was a teddy bear,
that lay upon your bed,
so everytime you cuddled it,
you cuddled me instead.
Even if I had 1 wish...
I wouldn"t wish for u to love me,
coz I don"t want your love to come from a wish...
but straight from your heart.
Those who can"t have u hate u,
those who have u can"t handle u,
those who abuse u lose u,
& then there are those like me who just can"t refuse u!
If I could be any part of you,
I’d be your tear.
To be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips.



Di I have permission to make an emergency landing in your bedroom
All I wanted was sumone 2 care 4 me.
All I wanted was sumone who"d b there 4 me.
All I ever wanted was sumone who"d b true.
All I ever wanted was sum1 like u.
Too many stars in the sky,
too many tears that have left my eyes.
Too many girls out in the blue,
but they are nothing compared to you!
Sharp is ur memory,
sweet is ur name,
deep in my heart u"ll always remain.
Earth wants water,
flower wants dew,
I want nothing but a smile from u