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"I m Tired Of Crying ..."

My SMILE ... Doesn't always mean "I m Happy ..." Sometimes It Means "I Can Manage ..." And Sometimes It Just Means "I m Tired Of Crying ..."

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Card ka number hai load kar k Miss Call De Do ...

Main ne bhi kar lia hai... ;->

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added (few years ago!)
I''m Afraid Sometimes

I''m Afraid Sometimes
You''ll Play Lonely Games Too,
Games You Can''t Win
Because You''ll Play Against You.

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''1 Pathan apna rishta dekhnay gaya

''1 Pathan apna rishta dekhnay gaya
ghr walo ne kaha dono ko akela chor do
Pathan girl se: Baji ap log kitnay bahan bhai hen
Larki gusy se pahly 5 thy ab 6 hein.''

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added (few years ago!)
Todays Thought

Todays Thought: Try hard to get what u like (or) you will be forced to like what u get. Keep smiling always it increases ur face value. Have a terrific day. GOOD MORNING

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ikhlAAs k AmrAt ki

ikhlAAs k AmrAt ki ulti hy Taseer

jis ko B PilatAy hAin zehAr ugaltA hy.

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do u knw wat is diff

Do U Knw Wat Is Diffrnce

Between Radio Nd Akhbar?


Akhbaar ME Hum Rotyaan Bech Skte Nd Radio Mai Ni;->

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added (few years ago!)
Suraj hua maddham,

Suraj hua maddham,
Chand jal ne laga,
Aasma yeh hai,
Kyo pighal ne laga,
Main tehra raha,
zameen chal ne lagi,
Kya yeh mera pehla, pehla pyaar hai?

Yeh pyar nahi-earthquake hai bhaag!

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added (few years ago!)
The measure of love

The measure of love is when you love without measures.
In life there are very rare chances that you''ll meet
the person you love who loves you in return.
So once you have it don''t ever let go --
the chance might never come your way again.

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added (few years ago!)
A wonderful romance

A wonderful romance……a fairy tale…….
Matching interests and passionate songs…….
Endless talks and common visions………
Dreamy eyes and sleepless nights……..
Amorous hearts and restless minds ……
Engrossed lovers and teaser chums……
An impetuous proposal and a bedazzled yes….
A home of dreams and a castle in sand……
A bunch of promises and a series of vows……
A tidal wave and a gust of wind…..
An angry thunder and a furious storm…..
A misty vision and a shadowed trail…..
A clouded sky and a moonless night…..
A crash in the rocks and a shattered ship……
Two casualties and a zillion audience….

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added (few years ago!)
An Excellent Quote

An Excellent Quote Seen In At Temple.

GOD Has Time To Listen.

Do You Have Time To Pray..!

Pray Daily & Have a Peaceful Life

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added (few years ago!)
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