Preeto 2 maid:

Preeto 2 maid:

Preeto 2 maid:
Oh Kanta, I have reason 2 suspect that
Banta is having an affair with his secretary.

Kanta: I don’t believe it!
U r just trying 2 make me jealous.

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larki khoobsurat kutte k sath ja rahi thi
k Larke ne dekh ker kaha aap dono behn bhai hain
larki-// ap ko hm dono main se kon pasand hai
Larka-// yaqeenan tm
larki-// to phir is k liye apni behn le aao
hamare yahan watta satta chalta hai...=P;->:-P
Ppl say opposite attracts...
So I sincerely ''HOPE''
you meet somebody
who is attractive,

Not Like U Jahil :P
''Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred.''
Mr:Saleem had 3 sons:Named




When his 4th son was born, his wife decided to name is

Thapr marne pr nraz wife se husbnd bola,"Admi use marta he jse pyar krta he"Wife ne husbnd ko 2 thapr mare or kha,"Ap kya smjte ho k main apse pyar nhi krti.
Karachi K Halat!

"Paint Shirt"
Pheno Tu Pathan Nahe Choraengy,

"Shalwar Qamez"
Pheno Tu MQM Walay Nahe Choraengy.

"Chaddi Banyan"
Pehno Tu Taleban Nahe Chroaegy,

Or "Kch Na Pehno"
To Awam Nahe Choregi.

2 Sardars Looking at egyptan Mummies,
Sardar 1: Look so many bandages ,Pakka truck accident hai
Sardar 2: aaho , ais liye Truck Number bhi likha ha BC-1760
A Married Man Have An Affair Wth His Secretary One Day They Went On Date & Spent So Much Time That It Became 8PM While Returning Home Man Rubbed His Shoes & Cloths Grass & Dirt At Home, Wife Asked "Where You Were ? He Replied, I Cant Lie To U, I'm Heaving An Affair And Coming From Date Wife Looked At Him & Shouted Jhootay! Cricket Khail K Aa Rahay Ho Na . . .
Joke in
1 word


Joke in
2 words


Joke in
3 words

"sardar Playing

Joke in
4 words

"sardar Wins
The Game"
A sardar ji pulled out 6 people from a burning house…
still he was in jail…….why?
coz all the 6 were fire brigade staff !
Sardar sent a SMS to his pregnant wife.
Two seconds later a report came
to his phone and he started dancing.
The report said, “DELIVERED”.
Kash ye faasle na hote, kash ye duriyan na hoti, kash aap aur hum saath hote,




toh . . .
mere sms k Paise bach jate... ;->