Preeto 2 maid:

Preeto 2 maid:

Preeto 2 maid:
Oh Kanta, I have reason 2 suspect that
Banta is having an affair with his secretary.

Kanta: I don’t believe it!
U r just trying 2 make me jealous.

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Hey Dear Kaha ho
Yar Pata Hai Kab Se Wait kar RAha Hoo
Jaldi Aoo Na Ache Se Tayar Ho Kar Aana
Dekho Hamesha Ki Tarah 1st Prize Tumhein Milna
Chahiye Aaj mera Yar Phir
Monkeys Fashion Show Jeete Ga ..
HEight oF filM mAker

oVer heAd wAter tAnk in ShOley ,bUt nO electricity in villAge.
Astronomers Say
"The Universe Is
Which Is A Comforting
For Those People ,
Who Cannot Remember
Where They Leave
Things ... ;->
Parhai karo
fail hone se mat daro
larkiyan chero
badnami se mat daro
her larki ko propose karo
Inkar se na daro
GEETA main likha
karam karo
Phal ki chinta mat karo.......
Is Dafa 3-jan-2010
Per Date Kuch istarah Ho Gi.

1 Larki Meray Sath Front Per Hogi,

Or Baqi Teen Back Saeat Per Hon Gi.
Amazing Na..

This Wll Never Happen Again In Life,

BecOZ Soon They Will Get Married.;->

So Don''t Jealous.
Agar Larki Ko Ulti Aaye,
To Us K Parents Poochte hain...

Kaun Tha Wo Kameena!

Agar Larkey Ko Ulti Aaye to us K Parents Kehtey hain....

Kameenay Kya Nasha Kar k Aaya hai !

ULTI Larki Ko Aaye..
Larkey Ko...

KAMEENA Hamesha Larka hi hota hai...

''Khud ko kr kanjoos itna
k har SmS bhejny sy pehly
Service center waly call kr k khud poochen
Paa g
Pakki gall a
Bhejna ay
k sending fail kariye.:-/
High Level Insult....

Little Johnny Was Sitting On A Bench Eating Sweets One After Another.

Man Nearby:
People Who Eat So Many Sweets Dont Live Long.

My Grandpa Died When He Was 106 Years Old.

Did He Eat Many Sweets?

No, He Always Minded His Own Business!!;-)
"Happiness is
Like a Butterfly"

You run
after it,
It keeps
flying away.
But if you
''stand still'',
It comes and
''Sits On You''

"Wish you lots
of Butterflies !
Give A Person A Fish
And You Feed Him For
A Day,
Teach A Person To
Use The Internet And
He Won''t Bother You
For Weeks ... ;->
Plz go to creat message
Then type this number & see the magic
Sardar: Whats My Mobile Bill?

Call Centre Girl: Sir, Dial 123 To Know Ur Current Bill Status

Sardar: Not Current Bill, I Asked Mobile Bill