Jubse tumhe dekha hai,

Jubse tumhe dekha hai,

Jubse tumhe dekha hai,


Raat ko
Din ko
Subha ko
Sham ko
Khate waqt
peete waqt
Sote waqt
Jagte waqt

Hans hans k bura haal he

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Teacher: Hume Garibon k
Sath pyar se paish aana chahiye.

Studnt: Acha ab me samjha.

Teacher: kiya?

Studnt: PAPA aksar Nokrani ko galay Q lagatay hen..:->!
Love Is Second Mistake Created By GOD!!!

Of Course Girls Are First!!!

But The Fact Is That Both Are Beautiful Mistakes..!;)
A lady delivered twins. Suprisingly one is a boy and another is a dog how it is possible?

Bcoz her husband is HUTCH DEALER....

wherever u go out network follows
Girl:If V Get Maried Stp Smoking
G:Drinking Too
G:&Goin 2the Night CLUB.
G:Wat Else U Can Leave
B:D Idea Of Marry U

Man: Doctor my Wife Recently has Lost her voice.

What should I do to help her to Get it back?

Doctor: Try to come home at 3 in the Mor
4 Log badnaseeb hain.>
(1)who jo Maa Baap ki qadar na kare .
(2)who jo ustad ki qadar na kare
(3)who jo waqt ki qadar na kare
(4)who jo mere SMS ki qadar na kare,
A Lady Geting
Sntimental Feeling
While Watching A
Beautifu Luv Story
Her Hubby Leans Over
& Whisprs Dose 3 Ltl
Wrds Tht r On His Mind

Pass d Popcorn ;->
''Udhar aap majboor bethay hain, Idher ham majboor bethe hain!

Baat ho to aakhir kaisay ho,
Jab dono taraf 2 kanjoos bethe hain!''
Ek Doctor Apni Beti Ki Shaadi Kis Se Karega. . .?


Thora aur Socho


Kyun k yehi Hai Doctoron Ki awaleen Pasand ;->
How did an intelligent boy propose to a girl? He took the girl along with him on a boat n at the middle of river said ''Marry me or leave the boat''. :-)

Call ufone 2 ufone & ufone 2 Other Network @ Rs.0/month.

Just Type

"UFONE Meray bap ka hai"
& Send it to 333.......!
Smile is the Second Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips...

Of Course you know the first one :)




Its Keeping Your Mouth Shut! :-)