A sardarji’s boy asked his dad:

A sardarji’s boy asked his dad:
A sardarji’s boy asked his dad:
What is a grownup joke?
Sardar ji replied:
any joke which is eighteen years old

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Teacher : Correct the sentence, "A bull and a cow is grazing in the Field"
Student : A cow and a bull is grazing in the field
Teacher : How?
Student : Ladies First
1 pathen n other pathan were watchin a cricket match. When Afridi hits a boundary.
1st pathan: Kya Goal mara.
2nd pathan : Raha na bewakoof ka bewakoof, Goal ismein nahin cricket mein hota hai

This is A.T.D (Any Time Disturbance) Service




We Specialize in Disturbing And Irritating People at Odd Times!!




Hope The Goal is Achieved...

Thank You..!
We live in a "COUNTRY"

1) Where Pizza home delivery is faster than Ambulance & Police services.

2) Where rice is Rs. 90/- per kg but SIM almost free

3) Where the shoes R sold in AC showrooms but vegetables R sold @ footpath.

4) Where lemon juices sold wid artificial flavours & dish wash wid real lemon

5) Where our leading class having fake degrees while educated R jobless.


Spread the awareness the change v need,

1 Pathan Ne 1 Bachi Se Pocha
Beta Kn Se Class Mai Parti Ho ?
Bachi:Kachi Mai

Pathan:Kachi Kon Si Class Hai?
Bachi:Hamre Class Mai Farsh Nahe Hai
Is Lye Hum Ausey Kachi Class Bolte
Hai . . . . . ;->
A man to Santa:
Your friend is kissing your wife in your home.
Santa rushes home and came back within
half an hour and slapped the man
and said:
“He’s not my friend.”
Agar app kaheen baithey hoon aur 5 ghantey ghuzarney k bawajood light na jaye to app k zehan mein aaney wali pehli baat kya ho ghee?

"Aeho k mein Pakistan wich nayeen"

Ek Aurat
Mahir-e-Nafsiyat k Pas
Gai Aur Kehne Lagi:
"Me Apne Chote Bete
Ki Waja Se Bht
Pareshan Hn, Wo Mitti
k Laddu Bna Bna k
Khata Hy"

Doctor:"Fikr Ki Baat
Nhi, Bara Hoga Tou
Khud Hi Adat Chooth

Aurat:"Dr. Koi Fori Elaaj
Bataye''n Wrna Mere
Bete KI Dono Biwia''n Ro
Ro k Pagal Ho Jaye''n
Gi " ;->
Zarori Ilan!
1st Dec, se bijli bilkul khatam ho jay gi,

1st Dec se tamam log apnay apnay UPS

wapda k kissi bhi office se recharge karwa saktay hain.
Meaning of PAKISTAN

P. Pyaar
A. Aman
K. Khushhaali
I. Insaaf
S. Shaanti
T. Tarakki
A. Aazaad adliya
N. Not available here.
Yaaar T.V chck Kr
Parvez Musharraf Ne Duubara Wardi ChahrhaLi Hy

Ek Aur Bana Dya

Happy April Fool In Advance ;->
Several Women Appeared In Court, Eah Accusing The Other Of The Trouble In The Flat Where They Lived . . .
The Judge Called For Orderly Testimony . . .
''''I''ll Hear The Oldest First'''' He Decreed. . .
The Case Was Closed For Lack Of Evidence. . . :p ;->