''You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!

''You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
''You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!

Just a second, don''t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

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Why Do Men Who Have Pierced Ears Are Better Prepared For Marriage . . . ? ? ?

They Have Experience Of Ear Pain& Buying Jewelry . . . ;->
If a black cat crosses you, when u r going somewhere, wat does it mean










It means that black cat is also going some where ..........;->
Rain of summer, snow of winter,
grace of autumn, glory of spring,
May beauty of every season
give ur heart a beautiful reason 2 smile.
May God suceed u in every exams of ur life.
Good luck & all the best
If I was an artist,
you would be my picture!
If I was a poet,
you would be my inspiration!
If I was an author you would be my story!

But I''m only a cartoonist!
Teacher to Students" Students agar app koi kaam kar rahey hon aur wo app k liye achcha ho to jo chahey ho jaye uss par qayam raho"

"Oh I have found the reason why boys keep on teasing girls"
Some Beautiful Lines Just 4 U.







Nice na...?? =P ;->
jis dil mein bsa tha pyar tera,
us dil nei dharkna chord diya,

ab rent pe dil ley guzara kar raha hoon
U r a nice person…
but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning…
1st. pray to God so that u can live….
2nd.take a bath so that others can live….
Partition was Due in 1930 but Huee 1947

Main Reason :


Yeh Decide Kar Rahe Thay k SIKH kon le ga Aur PATHAN Kon Le GA !!!
As You All Know The
Law Of Gravity Explains
Why V Stay On Earth ... !

PAPPU: but Sir!
Where Did People Stay
Before The Law Was
Passed ? ;->
Rabba Dukh Na Dena Mere Dost ko...

Mujhe Chahe Sukh Ka Pahar Dede...

Ghoome Nayi Cycle Pe Dost Mera...

Mujhe Bhale Hi Purani Si Mecedes Car Dede... ;->
U knw wt?
U r un4getbl..
U knw y?
Cz u r so sweet..
U knw hw?
In ur own simple ways
u make me feel special..
U knw wen?
Snce d day we bcame FRIENDS..:-)