Ek Pathan Ne Kisi Ko

Ek Pathan Ne Kisi Ko
Ek Pathan Ne Kisi Ko Phone Kia.. Wahan Se Jawab Aaya.. "The Number U''ve Dialed Is not Responding At The Moment"
Pathan Bola: Koi Baat Nahi Baaji, Usko Bolna Hum Baad Main Phon Kare Ga.... ;->

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Buyer To Seller : Is It A Faithful Dog?

Selle r:Yes I Have Sold It 3 Times Earlier Also.

It Is So Faithful,

Everytime It Returned Back To ME

Peshawar Ki Police Ka Bhe
Jawab Nhe Hai

1 Pathan Talaab Main Nha Rha Tha

Police Wala Kehta Hai

" Chal Ooye Bahr A Kar Kpry Pehan

Teri Talashi Leni Hy
One Day Teeth and Tongue were in Conversation..

Teeth Said:
"If I just press u a little, you will get cut"

Tongue Replied:
"If I misuse one word against someone, all ur 32 will come out of the mouth... =P ;->
Can A Kangaroo Jump

Higher Than A Effiel Tower?

Yes Bcoz
D Effiel Tower
Cannot jump

How do u find Avogadro''s no?

We live in a "COUNTRY"

1) Where Pizza home delivery is faster than Ambulance & Police services.

2) Where rice is Rs. 90/- per kg but SIM almost free

3) Where the shoes R sold in AC showrooms but vegetables R sold @ footpath.

4) Where lemon juices sold wid artificial flavours & dish wash wid real lemon

5) Where our leading class having fake degrees while educated R jobless.


Spread the awareness the change v need,

hajam kerte kerte
hajam kerte kerte




hajam kerte kerte
arey haan bhai hajam kerte kerte




hajam ker gae



dusre din dekha tho kuch jyada hi wajan kam ker gae..........;->
Teacher To Pathan :

"Agar-Batti" Ka Jumla Banao ...


Agar Batti Chali Jaye Tou Andhera Ho Jata Hy ... ;->
Height Of Stupidity

“ Munnabhai: Ae circuit yeh kutte poonch kyun hilate hain?
Bole to Dog tail shaking WHY?

Circuit: Common sense hai bhai ab poonch kutte ko to nahi hila sakti hai
''Mere Kitne SMS mile?
Bahut saare?
Aur tune kitne bheje? Ek bhi nahi!
Haaak Thu: Ab tak bahut SMS khaye - Ab Goli Kha -
What Did The Fish Say When He Hit A Concrete Wall?

A Pathan called FM radio & said:

"I have found a wallet wid thousands of currency & a credit card & ID Card of that person it belongs to, his name is Jamshed Khan, House #3, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi.

DJ: "so U want to give him back his wallet?
Pathan: Oo khocha nai, I want to dedicate him a song... ;->