Pehle chitthi ke badle taar ata tha

Pehle chitthi ke badle taar ata tha
Pehle chitthi ke badle taar ata tha
1 bulave pe mera yaar aata tha
Ab padh kr delete karte hai mere sms
kabhi har SmS ka jawab aata tha

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In a class, teacher asked:
If I buy an item@ 12.75 n
sell@15.25, it“s loss or profit?
student: Profit in rupees & loss in paise
''What is the difference between a woman and a magnet? Magnets have a positive side!''

Teacher:Tell me The perfect example for Newton''s 3rd law?




Student:Every Time I open my Book,
My Eyes Close automatically..!
How Do You Know
When A Woman
Is About To Say
Something Smart ... ???

She Starts Her Sentence

"A Man Once Told Me..."
The best day to propose a gal/guy

april 1st ............!

if she/he agrees then its ur luck

if she/he rejects.......fool..!
sister/brother..... fool april fool.........!!!!!

Indian Cricket Team
Toilet mai
Kya similarity Hai ?


Nahi Pata





Simple Yaar
"Dhoni" Yaha Bhi hai
"Dhoni" Vaha Bhi Hai.
Congratulations to you, my old friend,
Birthday wishes to you, I do send.
You look good for your age, I could say,
But you look good to me any day.
When I look in the mirror, I sigh,
''Cause I know the mirror doesn''t lie.
You''re aging like me, so you surely can see
That you''re getting to be an old guy.

Memon Beemar Hua To Check Up K Liye Gaya.

Dr: Drip Lagani Paregi

Memon Adhi Drip Laga Kar Acha Hogaya Aur Bola:
"Baaki Parcel Kardo"
Wife Or Husband Shop Se Niklay !

Ek Faqeer Bola : Shehzadii !

5 Rupee dey doo, Andha Hon
Husband : De do, Waqayi Andha hai
Son:papa jab sab shadi kar ke pareshan hai tu shadi kyu kartay hai?
Papa: Beta aqal badam khanay
Se nahi Thokar kha ke aati hai:->
''Aaj aasmaan mein taare aise chamak rahe hain
Aaj aasmaan mein taare aise chamak rahe hain
Bilkul jaise kal chamak rahe the...(wah wah)''
A young girl after her honeymoon
came fully exhausted and tired,

When her friends asked her what happened?

She replied :
When this 70 year old bastard told me
he has saved a lot from last 50 years,

“I thought It was MONEY”