What is at the end of "everything" ?

What is at the end of "everything" ?
What is at the end of "everything" ?


The letter g

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Beta: Papa Apki Love Marrige Hui Thi Na?

Bap khush ho kr:
G Beta ApKo Kaisy Pta?

Beta:Wo AapKi Shadi Or Meri Date Of Birth Men Sirf 6 Months Ka Farq Hai na..!
Hum to apni hi shadi may bacchiyan taar rahay thay papPu...

Hamain kya pata tha k Saala movie bana raha hai... ;->

Do sheikh hotel main aik dosry ko milay,
4 din k bad dono mar gaye,,

wajah kya thi..??
wo 4 din aik dosry ko dekhty rahe, k
khana kon mangway ga?
whAt d|d A rAt sAy tO A cAt??



BillO rAn| kAhO tO aBhi jaAan De DuN...!
Best Punishment Dat U Can Give 2 Male..

Giv Him A Mobile With A

Set Of Girls Phone No.''S & Put Him

In A Place Where There''s No Netwrk
Washing Powdr Nirma
Wshing Pwdr Nirma
Dudh Si Safedi
Nirma Se i

Rangen Kpray B Khil-Khil Jae
Sbki Pasand Nirma

Ye Comercial BREAK Tha,
U Continue Ur Work.
In Our Life
Cracks May Come Between Friends..

Some Times

Cracks May Come As Friends

Like U.....
Hobgoblins know the proper way to dance:
Arms akimbo, loopy legs askew,
Leaping into darkness with delight,
Lusting for the ecstasy of fright,
Open to the charm of horrors new….
~Nicholas Gordon
Q: What is smaller than an Ant''s dinner ?

A: An Ant''s mouth . . . ;-

Teacher To Student -
U''ve Been Snding
E-mail Other Students
I''m Ugly

Student - Sorry Ma''am,
I Didn''t Realize, U
Wanted To Keep It A
Secret ... ;->
Karachi Me 500
Grlz Heart Attack Se Mar Gai
255 GrlZ Behosh Hogai

Kyn k

Ksi Ne Afwah Phela Di Ha
Ki Mangni Horae Ha =P

2 Logon ka Aap Kuch Nahi Bigaar Saktay

1. Jo Moo per Jhoot bolay...


2. Jo Darya K Us Paar Khara Ho Kar Aapko Mun Chirraye. :-)

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