To, Near Police Station.

To, Near Police Station.
Police Station.

Respetd Sir,
As My Sweet''frnd'' 4got 2 SMS Me,I Kindly Request U2 Take Action Imedatly & Encountr His DABBA Mob

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2 friends,

“see” & “saw”:

1 day “see” saw sea & “saw” didnt see sea.
“See” saw sea and jumped in sea.
“Saw” didnt see sea but jumped in sea.
“See” saw “saw” in sea & “saw” saw “see” in sea.
“See” “saw” both saw sea & both “saw” & “see” were happy to see Sea.

That is how to exercise your brain..!

Girlz college mai teacher ne kaha:
"Agar aap koi lafz 3 baar dohraenge tu woh aapka hojaye ga,,,,,"

Saari larkian kehne lagi...

Silly Gurlz... ;->
World''s Shortest Horror Story by Martin Garner contains only the following lines

"When the world''s Last Man was alone in his
room,the door was knocked"...

USA School Interview 4 New Admission
Tech:Who is ur Dad?
His Mom: Plz ask simple questions!
A lady delivered twins. Suprisingly one is a boy and another is a dog how it is possible?

Bcoz her husband is HUTCH DEALER....

wherever u go out network follows
A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish : 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A text: 2 say HAPPY BIRTH DAY
Molviyon k group mai 1 Ne kaha, jab b raste mai
larki Nazar Aaey to

Kafi der bad 1 Ne kaha
Baqi Bole,
Purana Loha Becho

Teen Dabbay Becho

Sookhi Roti Becho

Plastic ki jootiyan beacho

Raddi Akhbar Becho

Un Paison Se Balance Dalva K SMS Tou Bhejo. . .
Ek Bachay Ne Apni Maa Se Pocha K Insaan Ki Nasal Kahan Se Start Hui,
Mom: Matti Se,
Bacha Mutma-En Na Hua.
Phr Apny Baap Se Yehi Question Kia To Jawab Mila:
"Bandar Se"

Bacha Phr Mom K Pass Aya Or Bola Papa To Ye Keh Rahay Hain.
Mom: Haan To Unho Ne Apni Btai Hai.
Alwayz Remember ...

When SHE Cancels A
Date, It Is Because


When HE Cancels A Date ,
It Is Because ,
We''ve known Each other
4 Quite a while now,
do u think
we can be more than FRNDS?
Will u be my PARTNER
2 rob a BANK !?

Q:- Why does Sardar always smile during lightning storms?

A:- They think their picture is being taken.