Aik Tha Kutta Aik Thi Bili Un Ki

Aik Tha Kutta Aik Thi Bili Un Ki
Aik Tha Kutta Aik Thi Bili Un Ki
Thi Bari Yari Mar Gaye Bili
Bach Gya


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Teacher to Sardar: What is Number “Seven” , Even or Odd
Sardar: Even
Teacher: How can you make seven even?
Sardar:Remove the ‘S’!!

2009 Is Coming

Wish U A Very
Valentine''s Day
23rd March
14 August
Eid Ul Fitr
Eid ul Azha
Frndship Day
Mother, Father
Dadi, Dada
Nana, Nani
Children''s Day
Happy B''day
365 Gud Mornings
Aftr Noons, Evenings''
& Nights

Roz Roz Ka Drama Nhi
Hota Mujh Se
Ab Pura Saal Mat Kehna
Msg Nhi Kia ... ;->
What is common to both Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor ??

Ok... Its OSO thats common to both

wondering how ??

scroll down ....

Because Deepika is associated with Om Shanti Om and Ranbir is associated with O.. Saawariya O... :))....

EXam’s song by Munna bhai:

“Chanda Mama so Gaye,
Student sarey jage.
Dekho pakdo yaron,
Ghadi ke kaante bhaage.
Ek pariksha khatam,to duji
shuru ho gayi MAAMU.
Once upon a time, Sada and Ada, visited a coal mine to find some diamonds.
Sada takes a right and Ada turns left.
Sada has only a shovel, but Ada had sophisticated diamond mining tools.
Yet, Sada finds a diamond but Ada doesn''t (even after digging for 10 kms) !!!

Why ??









Kyonki...Hira hai Sada ke liye!!!
"Pakistani di Mushkil"
Ghar wich panjabi bolo
School wich urdu bolo
Parcha angrazi wich hal kero

Marn tu baad hisab arbi wich.;-)!
If U Need Original Tigers

Nail For Ur Chain Locket

Contact Me Immediately

Bcos M Cuttin

My Nails 2moro.

Booking Close Today
Lady On Fone
Hi Sir, I want To Meet & Talk To u.
U Are The father Of 1 Of My Kids.

Man Stunnd,Omg!
... R U Riya



Lady in confusion

No Sir I am The Class Teacher
Of Ur Son :P :D
''Teacher: Tell Me Your Name in English.

Student (After 2 Mins): "Age Long Oven"

Teacher: Iska Kya Matlab Hai?

Student: Umar Daraaz Bhatti. :-)
Oye Dost

Teri to!

ATeri to!

Teri to!

Teri to!

Teri to!

Teri to!

Bahut yaad aa rahi hai yaar.

Isliye msg kiya

I Miss U
Bush & Queen of England were riding in a horse carriage,
one of the horses farted,
Queen feeling awkward & embarrased said
''There are certain things
even Queen of England
can''t control''

BUSH: ''Oh my God,
& i thought it was one of the Horses''
1 guy suddenly got up in a plane


said ''Hi Jack''

Everybody put thr hands up.

Thn suddenly Another guy

from other side got up n said





''Hi John''. . . ;->