aik aadmi k ghr k samne

aik aadmi k ghr k samne
aik aadmi k ghr k samne gdha mra hu pra tha!

Usne Muncipal commeitte ko fone kya or kaha k mere ghr k samne gdha mra pra he uthwa len!

jwab mila k wahin dfun kr do!

Us aadmi ko ghussa to buhat aaya pr tahammul se bola: G me dfun krne lga tha mgr
mrhoom k bachon ko itlaa ko krni thi na...!!

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Man ask to GOD- whats love?
God said- Go To the garden & get the most beautiful flower.
Man returned empty handed & told that I founded the most beautiful flower but I kept walking in hope of a better one. And then I realised I ignored the best
one. I went back but could not find it there.
GOD said- This is love. U dont value it when u have it but repent when u lose it.
So never let ur love go!!

Bhar k Aakho Mai Khumar

Jadu Nagri Se Aaya Hai

Tera Humsafar

/.".) "^---- ,,
\,,/"( , _ ,_ ; )
// // ''

You don''t love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her
When Ever You Are Surrounded By Disappointment And Couldnt Find Any Hope Then Remember






Pio Cocacola Aur Karo

Bb R R R R R R R R R R R R R R.

Biwi(Ghusse Main):
Tumhare Dimagh Main To
Sirf Gobar Hi Bhara Hai..!!

Husband (Pyar Se):
To Phr Itni Dyer Se Kha Q Rahi Ho.??
teacher: what do you want to become?
li''l Johnny: doctor !!
teacher: why?
lj: coz its the only profession where u can tell
a woman to take off her clothes and ask her
husband to pay for it

Heart Of Boys are Like a Temple !!


That''s Why

When Boys Say.
''I Love You''.




Girls Remove Their Sandals.
# Gul Khan Ne Job K liye Apply kia..

Jawab aaya to khushi mein 1 Grand Party de dali.

Dost ne farmayesh ki k appointment letter dikhao.

Gul Khan: Ye English main hai, main tarjuma karta hun,

"Dear Gul khan you do not meet"

pyary gul khan ap to milty hi nahi

"our requirements"

hamari zaroorat ho ap

"no further correspondence"

or zidd na karain jaldi ajayen

"will be entertained"

Aap ki bohot khidmat ki jaye gi.
Dil Chahta Hy K Is Dunya Main Jo Sab Se Khubsurat Hai Usay Jaan Se Maar Doon




Khud Kushi Karna B To Haraam Hai.
>> A brave guy pulled out 6 people from a burning house...
>> still he was in jail.......why?
>> coz all the 6 were firebrigade staff !

Life while doing m.b.b.s

1sr yr: yahoo i’m in Medical college
2nd yr: kahan phans Gaya? Help me
3rd yd: severe Migraine, sometimes Pagalpan bhi
4th yr: aah soon it’ll b over
5th yr: finaly it’ll b over

House job: i did it
Job : i love myself

W8 a min !
Something is missing
Ohhh !!! Meri “jawani”:(
Boy: Bus Male Hoti hai ya female?
Girl:female ,har koi ispe charthe hai.
Boy: to Phir woh pregrant kyon nahi hoti?
Girl:kyon k sab peachay se charhte hai.