Itni pyar bhari nazron se

Itni pyar bhari nazron se
itni pyar bhari nazron se dekha usne mjhe


dil to gaya hi gaya

sath main 10 rupay wala somasa bhi gir gaya

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Think well,

Plan well,

Do well,

Sleep well,

Play well,

Laugh well,

And also throw ur mobile in well

bcuz u r not messaging me well . . . ;->
''''A man had his credit card stolen.

He however decided not to report it

because the thief was spending less than his wife did.''''
''Hain log vohi jahan mn achy
Jo serdeon main pehnty hain kachy''
Biscuit maker''s Luv Letter: Dear Marie yesterday was a very Good Day, our meeting was truely Nice, but the chance of our Luv is 50-50 coz ur dad is a Tiger. Will u give ur Littlr Heart 2 me? Otherwise I''ll become a Krack-Jack
Aj me bohat udas hon koi mujy tang na kary

lykin me to kar sakhta hn na :-p
Plz Is SMS Ko Itna
Send Kro k Meri Honay
Wali BIWI Tak Pohanch

" Jaan Tum Kahan
Rehti Ho
Apna Adress Tou
Bata Do ... "

Plz Meri Madad Kare''n
=_= HuMaYuN=_= .. ;->
When sum1 touch u
& u dont feel it,

Wen sum1 touch u
&u feel it,

its LOVE

Bt when nobdy touchs u n u feel it,

then its Khujli...

A sardar goes to a restaurant
and his cell phone rings.
Wife: How are you?

Surprised Sardarji:Oji I am fine but
how did you know where I was?
Dulha Apni Nai naveli Dulhan ka ghunghat uthatay hoye

" darling meri doo hi kamzoriyaan hain aik aurat or dosri mardana kamzori "
If ever I was rude to u

if ever I was angry with u

if ever I misbehaved with u,

then dont hesitate.


galti tumhari hi hogi. :-)
Nobody''s Like You, Mom

Nobody''s quite like you Mom.
You''re special in every way.
You cheer me up you fill my cup
With tenderness come what may.

Nobody loves me like you Mom.
No matter what I do Good or bad, happy or sad,
You support me You always come through.

Nobody''s equal to you, Mom.
With you in my life, I''m blessed.
I love you so, and I want you to know
I think you''re the very best!

By Joanna Fuchs

The Difference B/W Friend N Best Friend..

Friend Says: Hey Plz Drive Safely N Slowly..

B.Friend Says: Abay Bhaga Yr Us Agay Wali
Car Me Full Bachiyan Hain ;->