Kehtay hain ager subah subah a

Kehtay hain ager subah subah a
Kehtay hain ager subah subah achay logon say contact kia jaey toe din acha guzerta hae. Meray leay aap sub say achay hain aor aap ko Subah Bakhair!

Feb, 19 2014     148 chars (1 sms)     635 views       Good Morning

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Lyf Is A Book
V All Read It

Love Is A Blessing
V All Need It

Always B Happy
Always Hve Smile

Remembr In Diz World

V r Just For A While !!

Gud A.M (:
The Breez has awaknd,The earth & Sun has coloured our world.
The birds have added melody to the morning & I hope I m not
late to wish U Good Morning.
Bright Beautiful Dawn

Sing a Song rhythmic and long

Fly away all the fears of heart

Yours is the world

Just Make a start

Destination is Just a "Determination" Apart

Good Morning . . . :)
It''s My Pray
When U Sleep
Also Sleep 4 Ever

When U Get Up
Success Of Life
Get Up With U 4 Ever

"Gud MoRniNg"
A Smile Is A Way Of Writing Ur Thoughts On Ur Face
Telling Others That They Are Accepted, Like & Appriciated
So Here’s A Big Smile Just For U
Gud Morning
Sun glows for a day,
Candle for an hour,
Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever,
So start ur day with a smile.Gud Day
As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heavens to shower U lots of luv & happiness to make ur day a meaningful one.

Good Morning!
TIME alone can prove the worth of frienship..
as time goes by,v loose the false ones,
n keep the best......
just a sweet hello 2 one of the best....
gud morning !!!!!
Let Us Dance In The Sun, Wearing Wild Flowers In Our Hair
And Let Us Huddle Together As Darkness Takes Over
We Are At Home Amidst The Birds And The Trees,
For We Are Children Of Nature.

Good Morning...!!!
As the sun kisses u awake,

did u hear God whisper,

"I love u" 2 ur ear?

Hope the noise of d day

wont drown His voice

as He repeats these words 2 u all day.

I wish for SUN to warm U,MOON to charm U,A SHELTRING Angle so
that nothing can Harm U...Faithful friends near U and
everything U pray GOD to hear U...Good morning....
Morning Is God''s Way

Of Saying 1 More Time...

Go, Live Life, Make A Difference,

Touch One''s Heart,

Encourage 1''s Mind

Inspire 1''s Soul


Enjoy The Day!!!