Kehtay hain ager subah subah a

Kehtay hain ager subah subah a
Kehtay hain ager subah subah achay logon say contact kia jaey toe din acha guzerta hae. Meray leay aap sub say achay hain aor aap ko Subah Bakhair!

Feb, 19 2014     148 chars (1 sms)     815 views       Good Morning

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Lonely no, how can I be lonely when you are always in my
thoughts. I wake up with you and go to sleep with you.
I love you.
"Certain Thoughts Are Prayers.

There Are Moments In Life,

When Whatever May Be The Attitude Of The Body ,

The Soul Is Always On Its Knees"

Gud Morning
My Wishes Are Silent
But True
Everywhere They
Follow You
Luck Is Yours
Wishes Are Mine
I Wish Your
Present n Future
Always Shine ...

Good Morning ... :)
Hi Good Morning...!!! Uth gaye ho na? Arz hai,Chai ke pyale se
uthte dhue mein teri tasvir nazar aati hai,Inhi khyalon mein kho
kar aksar meri chai thandi ho jaati hai...
Every morning, leave your worries outside your gate, coz that''s where they pick up the garbage!
Good Morning
Have a worry free day!
makes the day
(=( ;_; )=)
that the best
thing (;_;) we can
do (;_;) (;_;) to
make (;_;) life easy
Gud morning!
Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision,
but today well lived makes everyday a dream of happiness
& every tom a vision of hope. Luk well, therefore to this day.
~ Think About It ~

What You Do Today
Is Important
You''re Exchanging A Day
Of Your Life For It...

G o_O d

Stay Blessed ^_^
Mst ppl treat d
present momnts as if
it were an abstacle
th8 dey need 2
Since d present
momnt is LIFE itself
its an insane way 2
Gud a.m (=
u r from earth,i am from moon,u r human being but i am not
cartoon i just want to say good morning
Hi, I dont have any special message to wish you good morning
but you are my special friend so normal wish to you become a
special wish from my side, good morning and have a great day
Fresh Air...
Fresh Idea...
Fresh Talent...
Fresh Energy...
I Wish
U To