Kehtay hain ager subah subah a

Kehtay hain ager subah subah a
Kehtay hain ager subah subah achay logon say contact kia jaey toe din acha guzerta hae. Meray leay aap sub say achay hain aor aap ko Subah Bakhair!

Feb, 19 2014     148 chars (1 sms)     659 views       Good Morning

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Get up from ur Softy Softy Bed

Open ur teeny weeny eyes,

wear that jolly wolly smile,
and say to urself


Have A Nice DaY n All The Best:-*
Do U Know The Meaning Of Morning . . . ? ? ?

Morning Means. . .

One More Inning Given By The God To Play And Win . . .
So Good Morning . . . :)
hi,if thr day,here it should b nit.if thr black,here should
b dont forget me,wethr it is both,cos im always
thinking of u.good morning
"No one can be right all of the time, but it helps to be right most of the time."


~Good Morning~

Rishte or Raste ..zindagi k do pehlo hein kbi kbi rishte nibhate nibhate raste kho jate hein.. or ..kbi kbi raston pe chalte chalte rishte ban jate Hen..!! ..Ksi ko rishte raas ajatay hein or ksi ko raste..! ..faraq bus etna hai ,rastoo kay dukh bardasth ho jatay hein rishto k nahi..! Gud Morning
JuSt Go OuTsIdE
sEe ThRoUgH uR

hOw PlEaSnT sCeNe
iT iS

jUsT lOoK @ mOoN &
FeEl ThE cOoL wInD

tHeY aLl ArE hErE tO
gReEt u A sHwEeT nItE (:
EvErY sUnSeT gIvEs
Us OnE dAy LeSs To
LiVe !!


eVeRy SuNrIsE gIvEs
OnE mOrE dAy To
HoPe !!

So HoPe FoR tHe
BeSt ... !!

GoOd MorNiNg
GoOd LuCk ... :}
What If You Give
Someone A Gift, And
They Neglected To
Thank You For It ..
Would You Be Likely To
Give Them Another ?
Life Is The Same Way,
In Order To Attract
More Of The Blessings
That Life Has To Offer ,
You Must Truly
Appreciate What You
Already Have ...

g 0.o D
m O r N i N g =]

Stay Blessed
As u face a brand new day, bow ur head & say this prayer:
"Thank u God for giving me this gud luking and cute sender. May his smartness increases everyday. (Ameen)"

Good Morning ;->
You Can Take No Credit For Beauty At Sixteen.

But If You Are Beautiful At


It Will Be Your Soul''s Own Doing.

<< Gud Morning >>
NAi Subha Ka Naya Nazara

Thandi Hawa Le K Aai Peghaam Humara

Utho Tayar Ho Jao

Khushio’n Se Bhara Rahe Aaj Ka Ye Din Tumhara

Good Morning




Dont get confused ,
Arey Baba SORRY means:
O-One Is

Good Morning :)