Kehtay hain ager subah subah a

Kehtay hain ager subah subah a
Kehtay hain ager subah subah achay logon say contact kia jaey toe din acha guzerta hae. Meray leay aap sub say achay hain aor aap ko Subah Bakhair!

Feb, 19 2014     148 chars (1 sms)     999 views       Good Morning

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Pyari si morning mein, pyare se mausam mein, pyari si koyal ki awaaz, pyari si hawaon mein, sabse pyare insaan ko Good Morning!
I was on a ship thinking of U... wen I looked down, I dropped a
tear into the ocean.. Then I promised myself that untill someone
notfinds it, I won"t forget U...
Good Morning
Sun glows for a day,Candle for an hour,Matchstick for a minute,
But a good day can glow forever,So start ur day with a
smile...Good Morning....
The smile is like a simcard and life is like a Cellphone,
whenever you insert the Simcard of a smile a beautiful day
is activated...
I awoke this morning,
ate my breakfast early.
I dressed by myself
and to school I hurry.
School, school,
here I am today.
Now I am ready to read
and sing and play.

(to the tune of "Happy Birthday")

Good Morning to you
Good Morning to you
Good Morning Dear first Grade
Good Morning to you!
A Child On A Farm Sees A Plain Flying By Overhead
Dreams Of A Far Away Place . . .
A Traveler On The Plane Sees The Farm
Dreams Of That . . .
That’s Life . . .
We Never Realized The Value Of The Thing
It Moves Away From Us
Enjoy The Moment U Have With U

Gud Morning


Blessed Day .
Sun Can''t Come To earth

But Sends Love As Rays,

Cloud Can''t Come To River

But Sends Love As Rain,

Also I Can''t Come To U

But Sending Love & Care As SMS

Gud Morning
makes the day
(=( ;_; )=)

that the best
thing (;_;) we can
do (;_;) (;_;) to
make (;_;) life easy

Gud morning!
True friends are like morning,U cant have them whole day..,
But can be sure theyll be there when u wake up Today,Tomorrow
& forever...Good Morning.....
Do U Know The Meaning Of Morning . . . ? ? ?

Morning Means. . .

One More Inning Given By The God To Play And Win . . .
So Good Morning . . . :)
Life Is Like
Mathematics ...

[+] Add Friends

[-] Subtract Enemies

[*] Multiply Joys

[/] Divide Sorrows

Good Morning ...
Have A Blessed Day <-:
I just love when morning gets here, cuz i can send a Great
Big Good Morning sms to my bestest friend.what a lovely way
to start my day