An anniversary is a time to remember

An anniversary is a time to remember
An anniversary is a time to remember
about a couple’s life.
A time to recognize that the strongest bond
is the love between husband and wife.
Through times of happiness and times of sadness,
love grows continually and they become as one heart,
The other staying with them, in memory,
even when they are apart.
Each anniversary is special and may cause a shed tear,
for the bond grows ever stronger and stronger
When love is shared for another year.

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na poocho mein tumharey baghair kyun naheen roya,

waja thee yeh log agar mein rota to inhon nein kehna tha

"tum nein uss kee yaad par pani phair diya hai"
You Are A Normal Person
In Case 0f :


1- U Got A Facebook Account

2- U Got A Mobile Phone

4- U Are Wasting Ur Time Reading This

5- U Didnt Notice That Thre Is No N.O(3)

7- U Went To Check If N.O 3 Is There

8- Where Is N.O 6 ?

9-U Are Now Smiling

10- Where Is N.O (1)

11- LOL U Went To Check N.O 1

Do U Really Think U R Normal?
How true my feelings were
I found out to be The best thing
in my life Was when you married me
Thank you my loving wife(loving Husband),
For the years we share I know one
thing for sure We make a wonderful pair
'Aaj "Titanic" ki 98th Anivrsry hai.....


Plz Sub Pyar Karne Walon Se Request Hai,

"DOOB" k Mar Jayen...
* Thank You *'
I LOVE U are words just three,which mean so much on our this is what i want to say,live in my heart n there 4 ever stay
That special day is here again The day we took our vows You're just as special to me today As you still get me aroused. Happy Anniversary Lover
Dil ki veran basti aksar hm se poocha krti he fraz

Woh log kahan gaye jo Dil main bsney aye teh
If I Met You On Tomorrow I Would Still Give

You My Heart If You Should Say,

?Do You Still Love Me?? I?D Say,

?Till Death Do Us Part?

Happy Anniversary
I''ll Always Remember The Day I Married You,
Without You My Love,

My Beauty,

I Don''t Know What I''d Do,

Your Loving And Thoughtful Just To Mention Two,

I Adore Your Sweet Smile It Makes Me Want You.
Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories.
Happy Anniversary
And May
Your Marriage Be Blessed With Love,
Joy And Companionship
For All The Years Of Your Lives!
Memon ka beta:
abbu 2 Rps do na

Abbu:nahi dunga

Beta:abbu de do, doodh walay ki or ammi ki ek bat bataon ga

Abbu:yeh lo 5 Rps jaldi batao

Beta:doodh wala ammi ko bol raha tha k abhi tak is mahinay k paise nhi diay kal se doodh nhi milega :D

Moral :
Sirf memon hi memon sy paisy nikalwa sakta hy....?