On dis cold cold night

On dis cold cold night
On dis cold cold night,
In my small small room,
I look at da bright bright stars,
In the dark dark sky,
And dream of ur sweet sweet smile,
On ur cute cute face!
Good Night!

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Once The Moon Winks
At You Tonight

I Wish Sweet Dreams
Embrace You Tight

Hope Your Day Was
Quite All Right


Now I Bid You A
Lovely Good Night ... :)
As Night Falls upon the Land,
It is Time To Zzzz Again.

With the Moon hanging in the Starlit Sky,
I''m Here to Wish You Good Night!
U might b sleeping
U might b awake
there’s a feeling i
just cant shake…
I know deep inside
this feeling is right
the uncontrolable
urge 2 say….
Le Kar Sitaron Ko Ye Raat ayi Hy

Ankhon Men Hazaron Khwab Layi Hy

In Khwabon Men Tum Chupky Se Kho Jao

Off Karo Light Or Dheery Se So jao

As the day turns into night,keep your worries out of sight!No matter how tough the world may seem,you still deserve the sweetest of dreams. Good night!
On this cold cold nite,in My small small ROOm,i Look At
The Brite Brite StArS iN tHe DaRk DaRk sKy & DrEaM of YouR
sWeet sWeet SmiLe on ur CuTe CuTe FaCe! GdNiTe!
Ordinary Nights
Become Special
When An
Ordinary Person
Like Me
Takes Time
To Greet
Special Like You!

*Good Night*
i count to 3 u shall fall a sleep
Master of puppets is pulling your strings, twisting ur mind n SmasHing ur dreams. blinded by me, u can''t see a thing when i count to 3 u shall fall a sleep 1,2,3,Zzz
Dont ever give up wen u r down..it doesnt matter if u
fall many tyms..jst remember that each time u fall ..
il nvr let u reach d ground..trust me..il always be
Hi Moon,

My friend is going to sleep.

Tell 2 ur''s brother sun to raise

2Morow late becoz my friend wants More relax.

Good Night
Take A Glass Of Sugar And Put It In Your Eyes So You Will Have Sweet Dreams!

If You Want Masala Dreams, Then Try Chilly Powder!

Good Night

Have A Nice Dream.
Try this.....its fun!
Remember a number between 1-9

Now add 5 to it

Now multiply by 7

Add 5 & sub 3

Add 25

Add its digits now

Now forget all & go to bed!

Gd Nite