On dis cold cold night

On dis cold cold night
On dis cold cold night,
In my small small room,
I look at da bright bright stars,
In the dark dark sky,
And dream of ur sweet sweet smile,
On ur cute cute face!
Good Night!

Aug, 01 2013     172 chars (2 sms)     657 views       Good Night

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raat khamosh hai chand bhi khamosh hai,
par dil main shore ho raha hai,
kahin aisa to nahi ek pyaara sa dost,
bina good night kahey so raha hai.
Wash your face and wash your feet! Now itz time 2 fall asleep. Yours eyes are weak N mouth can''t speak so hope tis nite shall b nice and sweet. Good Nite.
We All Have 0ur Time
Some Take Us Back,
They`re Called
Some Take Us Forward,
They`re Called
"DREAMS" ... :)

g ()_0 d
/\/ ! t 3 ...
Andheri sadak,

sunsan kabristan,

sooni haveli,

kala aasman,

rat ho gayi,

so ja shaitan.

Good Niight..
Wonderful Air!
Beautiful Moon!
Shining Stars!
Excellent Dream!
They all are Waiting in your Door with me 2 say Good Night... Sweet Dreams...
Let the silence of the night give you enough strength for tomorrow.

Let the stars light up your face and let the love of God embrace you.

Not just tonight but for the rest of your life. Good night!
Hey U!!!

Yes U...

The Cute One...

Holding This


Are You Asleep?

Juste Wanted 2 Say

Good Night..!
Take chances, take a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make who you are. You learn to grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel always. Be you, and be okay with it…

Güd nyt
Muskurahato'n Se Bhari
ho Zindagi

Chahato'n Se Bhar Ho
har Pal

Daman Bhi Chotta Lagny

Itni Khushya'n De
Aap Ko Har Aane Wala Kal

G 'o_o' d Night (:
I wish moon always be full & bright !!!U always be cool &
right!!! Whenever u go to switch off the light,Remember that
I am wishing u Good Night......
Chandni Raat Me Madhosh Hone Se Pehle

Khuwabon Ki Dunya Me Khone Se Pehle

Mene Socha Apko Yaad Dila Don

Kalma Parh Lena Sone Se Pehle...

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GOOD NITE ... (: