Judge 2 pak police Pervez Musharraf

Judge 2 pak police Pervez Musharraf
Judge 2 pak police Pervez Musharraf
court se kese faraar ho gaye ?
Police - Sir wo bhaag me mahair hai ap
ko nahi pata woo kargil yuddh me kese bhage the?

Apr, 24 2013     157 chars (1 sms)     926 views       Double Meaning

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Most interesting line written
on the front of T-shirt of a girl,
Excuse me !
My face is above. ;) :p
Ive got ur bak & uve got mine.
ill help u out netime.
2 see u hurt 2 $ee u cry
.make$ me weep & wanna die.
ill b right here til d end.co$ ur my love & my bestfriend.....

'Kuch larkian ahista ahista deti hain

kuch larkian jaldi de deti hain

or kuch larkiyon ko baith kar denay mein maza aata hay

or kuch to aisi hain k unhen khara ho kar denay mein maza aata hay.
her kisi ka JHAROO denay ka andaz mukhtalif hota hay ...
Ik vari fer teri soch ko 80 topo ki salami'
Beautiful Quote..There Iz Nothing Greater Dan Parents In Dis World.
So Go Get Married Fast And Bcome Parents.
Think Different
Do Different:-D..
SARDAR goes to library & asks for a book:
"Psycho the Rapist"
Librarian searches for half an hour & comes back,slaps him & says
"Psychotherapist" saalay...
Fill in the blanks

2. _ _NDOM
3.F_ _ K
4.P_ N_S


Dirty Mind =P ;)
Andheri raat thi
Wo meray saath thi
Mai uss kai upper tha
Wo mere neechay thi
Tauba tuaba……
Aray logon kya samjhe aap
Wo meri cycle thi..
What''s An Average 6 Inch Long

Inside A Guy''s Pants And Girls Love To Blow It Up?

A:1000- Rupee Currency Note.!

Always Think POSITIVE
Uff plzz plzz aur karo naaa
dabao naa, zara zor se
aisa karo apni shirt nikalo
apni pant bhi nikal do
meri saadi bhi nikal do
ab zorse dabao aur dabao naa
bahut tight hai plz.
aur Zorse!plz karo naa plz......,
ho gaya na suitcase bannd.
Girl Friend ke saath,
Kamre ke andhar,
Table ke upar,
Batti ke neeche,
De tacatac.... tacatac..
De tacatac.... tacatac..

Stupid I am playing table tennis.... ;->
A peach is a peach.a plum is a plum.a kiss aint a kiss unless its
wiv tongues.so open ur mouth & close ur eyes & give ur tongue some
Kuch larkiyan khare hu kar dyti hein
Kuch larkiyan bend hu kar dyti hein
Kuch larkiyan tu beht kar dyeti hein . . . . . .