like a melody

like a melody
Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.

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"Ignorance Up to a specfic time

will rise your value

When it is adopted as a habbit

It Will make Others to Ignore you"
Life can b hard & not always fun.

But as night brings dark morning brings sun.

When life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care

Give Me a Call Coz I'll always b There.........!
When u feel God is rubbing u against the rocks,

don''t think that u''ll ruin down to dust,

it''s just that he is polishing a gem, coz u are precious!
Who Said Water Helps In Putting Off Fire. . . ? ? ?

If So . . .


Why Don''t Tears Heal The Burn In One''s Heart . . . ! ! !

Think About It
It Is True That
"OPEN" & "CLOSE" Are Words With Opposite Meanings
Try To Understand
Why Will You Alwayz Be "OPEN" To The Person Who Is "CLOSE" . . .
D Child In A Hurry Askd Sftly:
Oh GOD, If Im Abt 2
Leave Nw Plz Tel Me
My Angel''s Name

GOD Rplied:
Ur Angel''s Name Is Of
No Importance
U''ll Simply Call Her
Don''t Define Ur Failure
By Looking At
SomeBoody''s Success...
Don''t Define Ur Success
By Looking At
SomeBody''s Failure...
Set Ur Own Targets Every Day To Break .....
When we do a task, we''ve to cross 3 stages.


Fools stop at the 1st.
Losers stop at the 2nd.
Winners cross the 3rd.
Aadmi sharaab ka glass saamne rakh k Ghamzada betha huwa tha,
Dost aa kar uske sath betha aur uska glass utha kar ek hi ghoont mein pi kar bola:Yaar Q udaas ho ?

Aadmi:Yaar aaj ka to din hi kharaab hai,
Subha BV se jhagra huwa,

Raastey mein gaari kharaab hogayi,

Daftar late pohuncha to Boss ne nokri se nikaal diya,

Girlfriend ko easyload nahi bheja to wo bhi chhor k chali gayi,

Aur ab KHUDKUSHI karne k liye Sharaab mein zeher daal k peeny laga tha to wo bhi tumne pi liya.
pal pal sa banta hai "EHSAH",
Shsas sa banta hai "VISHVAS",
Vishvas sa banta hai "RISHTA".
Ristoon sa banta hai koi "KHAS",
Rishtay jo pyar ke thay sabhi choot-tay gaye...

Bandhan bhi saaray zabt ke phir toot-tay gaye...

Khawab-o-khayal ban gayen yaaron ki mehfilen...

Ek ek kar ke yaar sabhi rooth-tay gaye...

Sab dard dil main bhar liye sukh ki talash main...

Hamdard ban ke log hamain loot-tay gaye...

Milti rahin sazayen hamain pyar ke aiwaz...

Apni hi Khawahishon ka gala ghont-tay gaye...
You r loved when you are will be loved when you die. In between you have to manage