Not fake

Not fake
some people don't understand the way i am, some are hurt by the way i talk, but what i can do if that's the real me, i am not perfect, but definitely not fake!

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It''s Your Action of Today That Will
Create Your Destiny of Tomorrow...!
Act Continuously, Coz There''s NO 2nd Chance...!!!
Most lovable lines ever said:

"Heaven must be really small,

because i can see it in my Mom''s eyes."
Fact of Life :
Impossible does not mean that it is not possible.It actually means that nobody has done it so far.We are born to break the limits.
A Good Way To Differentiate Love And Friendship:

"Without U I Can''t Live"- Is Love.

"U Must Live, I M With U" -This Is Frndship
If u can't fly than run
If u can't run than walk

If u can't walk than cwral
keep moving towards ur goal ..
Play The Game Of Life With The Attitude Of
Not Wid The Attitude Of
(Think About It, It Makes ALot Difference)
My eyes brimming with tears.... My heart bit by fears....... Not to love.. For everyone who has loved and lost someone... Actually there is no end of love......
Relation Are Like Leaves Of Tree
Ur Life Is Like A Tree On The Land
Life Has Its Own Seasons, One Time Of Autumn Will Come When U’ll Lose Ur Relation
But Don’t Worry & Give Sometime To Ur Life & Wait For The Spring When U’ll Gain Numbers Of Fresh Relations
You can fool all of the people all of the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough
Never Explain Urself To AnyOne
B''coz The Person Who Likes U
Doesn''t Need It
The Person Who Dislikes U
Won''t Beleive It .....
UnErAsAbLe MoMeNtS oF LiFe ... !!!

Giving Someone A Hug When U Need It The Most Urself !

Fighting Back The Tears In ur Eyes Juz To Wipe Of Someone Else''s Tears

Listening To Somebody''s Grief When Ur Misery To b Heard

Being d Reason Of Smile On Someone''s Face Whn Ur Own Smile Is Lost ...

Think Upon It .. !!!
All d right things r not possible always. All d possible things r not right always. Be true 2 both ur mind & heart, u''ll never go wrong!