Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. :)

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Surkh ankhon say wo jab hamein dekhtein hain
Hum gharbra kar ankhein jhuka letay hain
Kaun milay un ankhon say ankhein
Suna hai who ankhon sa apna bana letay hain
SMS krain gay hum eak doosrey ko bari bari.hamain lagti hai yeh rasam bari pyari.yeh sms miltey hi eak sms bheaj dena.kyun k iss k baad bari hai tumhari.

-Luv ur bed,its ur temple,-Relax in the day,

so dat u can sleep at nite,-Books r holy,so dont touch dem,-
Dont do sumthing 2morow,dat u can do day after 2morrow,-
If u feel like studying,sit down
wait till dat feeling goes away,-
Dont 4get that studying is a healthy actvity,So leave it 4sick people.
The Relations Which Requires Efforts To Be Maintained Are Never True


If The Relation r True They Never Require Any Effort To Be Maintaied
UnErAsAbLe MoMeNtS oF LiFe ... !!!

Giving Someone A Hug When U Need It The Most Urself !

Fighting Back The Tears In ur Eyes Juz To Wipe Of Someone Else''s Tears

Listening To Somebody''s Grief When Ur Misery To b Heard

Being d Reason Of Smile On Someone''s Face Whn Ur Own Smile Is Lost ...

Think Upon It .. !!!
Be "CLOSE" with SOME 1 who makes you happy....


Be "CLOSER" to that person who can''t be happy without you!

"Feel the difference"
You r The Example Of
Red Rose
Its So Soft
Needs 100% Care
So Plz
Take Care Of Yourself (:
The smallest gestures
that go right to the
Heart ...

A Smile from a
stranger when U r
lost in crowd

An old friend calling
from distant land
just 2 say ''I Miss U''

The touch of mother''s
hand on Ur forehead
when U r unable 2

Friend asking U Wh8z
wrong U thought
no one noticed

A hand on Ur shoulder
when it feels like the
world is against U

An unexpected, but
badly needed Hug from
the 1 U love the most

I Pray
U Get All These
When U Need ... (:
D Child In A Hurry Askd Sftly:
Oh GOD, If Im Abt 2
Leave Nw Plz Tel Me
My Angel''s Name

GOD Rplied:
Ur Angel''s Name Is Of
No Importance
U''ll Simply Call Her
East or West Fahim is the best.
East or West Fahim is the best.
Is MSG ko 50 logon ko send karo.
Inshallah Tomorrow will be Monday. Jite Raho. aur Jine Do.
Relationship Is Not How Long U Have Been Together

Not How Much U Have Given Or Received

Not How Many Times U Have Helped Each Other

Its How U
One Another
Hitler said: "There is no word like IMPOSSIBLE in my dictionary"
Pathan said: Ab bolne ka kya fayida Hitler bhai?
Jab Dictionary khareedi thi tab hi check karni thi na?