Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. :)

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look at the SUN
you c TIME..
look in the HEART
you c LOVE..
look in the EYES
you c LIFE..
look at ur MOBILE
c who''s
A race horse that consistantly runs just 1 second faster than others is worth millions of dollers more. Don''t compromise on 2nd position in life..
Plz Count How Many Stars In This SMS















Pehli bar CHAND ko Sitare Gintay Dekha Hai ..
True friends are like mornings, u cant have them the whole day, but u can be sure, they will be there when u wakeup tomorrow, next year and forever.
Instead Of Thinking About What You''re Missing,

Try 2 Think About
What You Have That Everyone Else Is Missing.."

Life Will Be Happy...:)
LEAVES Dont'' Just FALL 4om The Tree

CLOUDS Don''t Just FORM Inthe Sky

ANGELS Don''t Just COME DOWN 4om Heaven


I Don''t Just SMS Any1 Unless They r SPECIAL . . . =)
I pray for you...
A life that you truly deserve, A life as good as your heart, A life as bright as your smile, A life as wonderful as you.
Have a Wonderful Day!!
Mangi Thi Dua Main Ne Rub Se,

Dena Jo Alag Ho Sab Se,

Mila Diya Hum Ko Tum Se,

Aur Kaha Sanmbhalo Ise,

Ye ANMOL Hai Sab Se
"World Is Round"
"Round Is Zero"
"Zero Is Nothing"
"Nothing Is Life"

So Be Happy And Try To Make Others To Happy.
That Is Real Life..
Relationships Are Like Traffic Signs



Do Not Enter

No U Turn

No Left Turn


The Best So Far Is

Give Way & Keep Right ... (:->

Gussa Karne Ka Matlub Hei K Hum!

Dusron Ki Galtion Ka Intaqam

Apne Aap Se Lete Hein!

(Elexender Pop)
Life can b hard & not always fun.

But as night brings dark morning brings sun.

When life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care

Give Me a Call Coz I''ll always b There.........!