Memon ka 1 rupia chatt se gir gaya,

Memon ka 1 rupia chatt se gir gaya,
Memon ka 1 rupia chatt se gir gaya,

memon neeche pohncha to rupia nahe mila


memon rupiay se pehley pohnch gaya tha!...=P;->

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Your b''thday is a day set aside just to celebrate you,
A day to shower you with attention and appreciate your gudness and warmth,
In my own,I celebrate you the rest of the year,too
For you are a very rare person and special friend and I thank you for being the wonderful part of my world..Happy B''thday My 4ever Friend
Student seeing Monkey out of the window and the Professor scolds him-
"why r u seeing d monkey outside,wen i am in d class

+92 300 2711 588 / +92 333 9968 674

Life While Doing M.B.B.S

1sr Yr: Yahoo I''m In
Medical College

2nd Yr: Kahan Phans
Gaya? Help Me

3rd Yd: Severe
Migraine, Sumtymz
Pagalpan b

4th Yr: Aah Soon It''ll
b Over

5th Yr: Finaly It''ll b

House Job: I Did It

Job : I Love Myself

W8 a Min !
Sunthing Is Missing

Ohhh !!! Meri
"JAWANI" ;->
Tere ghum me tarap kar mar jayengay,

mar gye to tera nam lejayengay,

rishwat de k tujhe b uper bulayengay,

tm uper ao gay to 7 beth k kurkure khayen gay;-)
Meri Shairi Me Itni Gehrai Hai,

Meri Shairi Me Itni Gehrai Hai,

Tum Sab ka Chance Phinish,

Kyun K,
Katreena Tumhari Parjhai Hai,
Musharaf ki car k neechay aik kuttay ka bacha aa k mar gia..
He stopped the car and told the driver to find the owner so he can give compensation..
The driver got down to look for the owner..
When he came back he had alot of rose garlands around his neck..
Musharaf was surprised n inquired about it..
Driver replied "i only said i am Musharafs driver, kuttay ka bacha mar gia hai.. Whoever heard this, embraced me and put a rose garland around my neck". ;->
Once There Was A Crow,
Nashe wich betha se oh,
Usne peg laye c do,
Oh tally gaya c ho,
Ik chidi rahi c ro,
Crow ne ched diti c oh,
Chidi de piyo ne fir kutteya crow,
Crow sharminda gaya c ho,
Hu chidi nu behan kehnda hai oh...

Moral:- Peg La Ke Kisi De Dhi Behan Nu Naa Chedo...!

Read each word Reversely:


Aik borhi orat nay 100 police walon ki dawat ki.

Police officer: Amma G ye khana kis khushi mai khilaya?

Amma: Mai manat mani si k mera ghar bn giya
tay mai 100 haramdian nu roti khwaon gi

Es lai tawanon roti khawai

Police officer hans K bola:
Amma aina takaluf Q''n kita

1 wapda wala sadd laina C.
Why dont nails bleed when we cut them???
Think !
Na-Khoon!! :)




bri Garmi Hai Yaar.
Don''t be too good I might miss you, don''t be too caring I might like you, don''t be too sweet I might fall its hard for me to love you when you wont love me after all.