I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air....

I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air....
Close Your Eyes ....,Relax Your Body....
'n Stop Breathing As Long As You
Now Breath...
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The
Air..! A

Jun, 14 2012     145 chars (1 sms)     1043 views       Miss You

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Do u know what is the meaning of "HAPPY"?
Y:Yaad karte hai
So I am always HAPPY!
R U Happy?
Missed calls doesnt mean for time pass.
It silently says that i am happily thiniking about u especially
this particular moment!!
i miss u alot
I don''t want to say I miss you, though deep inside I do, coz I''m afraid you might see thru and know how much fear I have of losing someone like you.
All I Wish !

I Cud Hug You And Kiss You And Feel You

You And The Warmth You Carry

The Fragrance Of Hope You have

The Healing Touch Of Your Hands

The Soothing Effect Of Your Voice

The Calmness I Feel In Your Lap

Al Though We Have Not Met

Still I Can Feel That

Miss You
The purpose of relationship is not to have sum1 who might complete u,
but to have some1 with whom u might share ur incompleteness!
Mizz U!!
when u look at me
i feel i m fine
when u call me
i feel i m good
when u ask me
i feel i m intelligent
when u see me
i feel i m beautiful
when u give me smile
i feel i m happy
when u touch me
i feel i m alivewhen u talk with me
i feel i m someone Special
and finally when u r not with me
i feel i m NOTHING!
There are 6 Billlion peoples in da world but i don know why i keep on missing *U* may be becoz 5,9999.9999,9999 Cant Replace a Single *U*
Whenever I miss you, stars falls down from the sky.
So any day if you find the sky empty, don"t blame me!
It"s all your fault; You made me Miss You So Much
I Don''t Have To
Speak Loud
Just To Say Wh8
I Wanna Tell U
A Soft Whisper Of
"I Miss U"
Is Enuf
Its Not My Mouth
That Really Speaks
Its My Heart ...
I Cot Myslf
Thnkng Of d Moments
Spent Wid U
Im A Litle Lonly
Being Far 4m U
Gvs Me A Beautiful
Chnce 2 Realize
Hw Mch U Mean 2 Me
Hw Mch I Miss Ur
Let me guess what U R doing...
Reading book?
Na Na!
Listining Music?
Watching TV?
Caught U!
Missing me and reading my SMS Na.!!
Oh Now U R Smiling.
Good Time,Bad Time,Day Time,Night Time,Work Time,Off Time,Happy Time,Sad Time,Sleep Time,In the Mean Time...I MISS YOU all the Time