I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air....

I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air....
Close Your Eyes ....,Relax Your Body....
'n Stop Breathing As Long As You
Now Breath...
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The
Air..! A

Jun, 14 2012     145 chars (1 sms)     1087 views       Miss You

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Mohobbat ki kashti mein sawaar the hum,
socha tha pahunch jayenge chahat ke gaon mein,
dubne lage to hosh aaya,
hum to baithe the kagaz ki naav mein.
Rehtay hain sath sath main or meri tanhayi
kartay hain raz ki battayin main or meri tanhayi
Din to guzar jata hay logoun ki bheer main
karty hain basar rat main or meri tanhayi
Aye na yad kabi tumhain bhool kar be hum
karty hain tumhain yad main or meri tanhayi
Sansoun ka kya brosa kab chour jain sath
magar rahain gay sath sath main or meri tanhayi..
:Yadon" me Na
Dhundo Humo...
"Dil" Me Hum Bus

Tamanna Ho Agar
mile Ki
To....."ON" Karo

Hum "INBOX" Me Hi
Mil Jayenge!!!!!!!!!)
In the morning when I wake up
And I open up my eyes,
I feel an aching in my heart
That''s when I realize.
How much I really miss you
And long to have you near.
My heart is filled with sadness,
And my eyes are filled with tears.
At different times throughout the day,
I find I''m missing you.
And I wonder if, perhaps a bit,
Maybe you miss me too.
I miss you in the shower,
When I''m in there all alone.
And when I want to hear your voice,
And call you on the phone.
When I check my e-mail
And find there''s nothing there.
I can''t help it that I worry,
And I put you in my prayers.
I think by now it''s safe to say,
That I miss you very much,
And my heart will never be the same
Since it suffered Cupids touch

When Nite Turns To A Darken Hue

Da Luvly Stars r Hinting At U

Ur Heart Beats Tells U Something True

That SomeOne SomeWhere Is Missing U
No rhythm

No reaSon

No occaSion

No SeaSon.

JuST felt like Saying Hi!

I hav been miSSing my frnd,

ever Since the laSt time we Said BYE
zindagi ke din kaise bhi hoon guzar jayein ge,,,,ek din hum bhi chupke se mer jayein ge,,,,aaj rehte hain aap ke dil mein yaad ban ker,,,,kal ansoo ban ker ankhoon se nikal jayein ge...
Koi Sham aati hai teri
YAD lekar.

Koi Sham Jati hay teri
YAD dekar.

Mujhe to intezaar hay us
Sham ka.

Jo Aaye Tujhe Sath Lekar!!
Good Time
Bad Time
Day Time
Work Time
Off Time
Night Time
Happy Time
Sad Time
Sleep Time
In the Mean Time
I Miss U All The Time
Chaddar Ki Kameez,
Lohe Ka Paijama,
Bandar Tera Mama,
Billi Teri Mausi,
Kutte Mera Yaar,
Aam Ka Aachar,
Miss U Mere Yaar
Ever since you ve left i ve
realised that a part of one`s
Life is made of someone
else`s life ,
I Miss You


You Are Not Near Me

I Long To Hear
Your Steps

That''s By Far,

The Sweetest Music

My Ears Await Everyday ...