tuje manaon to maan jana.....!

tuje manaon to maan jana.....!
Main apni raaton ki fursaton main tuje manaon to maan jana
Agar kisidin main apne ansu jo le k aaun to maan jana
Ye 1 dil hi tumhe diya tha so iss liye
Jo sooli pe muskuraon to maan jana
Tu bad-guman hai meri wafa pe to sirf 1 bar azma le
Jo haar jaoon to lot jana jo jeet jaoon To maan jana

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last night while lying on my bed
Looking at the ceiling
I realized I realized
If you would not be there, I would lost all the joys of my life"
Bichedte hue yaad de jayenge
Khud sone se pehle unhi ko 1 khwab de jayenge
Unhe gila hai ke hm jawab nahin dete
Saanso ke rukne se pehle har jawab dy jayenge
True Love Never Dies,

Even If You Have Found A New Love,
The Sweet Memory Of The Past Will Continue

To Hunt You For The Rest Of Your Life.
I LOVE YOU are 3 words;
But it takes:
3 seconds to read;
3 minutes to think;
3 hours to understand;
3 days to demonstrate;
3 weeks to explain;
And whole life to prove it!
bottle main Pepsi say zyaada
....used Socks main smell say bhi zyaadaa....
Adnan Sami main charbi say zyaada...
Mithai main sweet say zyaada...
Pakistan main coruption say zzyaada... I LOVE U
An Excellent Quote:

I Believe In Love At First Sight!!


I Have Loved My Mother Ever Since I Opened My Eyes .. .!
Usai Pata Hai Mujse Intzar Nahi Hota
Phr B Karwata Hai
Usai Pata Hai Tanhai Achi Nahi Lagti
Phr B Chor K Chala Jata Hai
Usai Pata Hai Wo Mere Jism-O-Jan Main Basta Hai
Phr Bhi Wo Mujhe Bhul Jata Hai
Usai Pata Hai Muje Usai Mohabbat Hai
Phr Bhi Wo Muje Satata Hai
Khud To Yad Karta Hai
Jbi Usko Bhulana Chahun Wo Yad Aa Jata Hai
Wo Muje Bohat Satata Hai
Kbi Nafrat To Kbi Pyar Jatata Hai
Kehta Hai Dost Hai Hum
Phr Q Apni Mohbat Jatlata Hai
Wo Bohat Satata Hai
Izhar-E-Mohabat Main Wo Inkar Batlata Hai
Par Kehta Hai Wo Muje Bohat Chahta Hai
Jab Tanha Hota Hai Mere Pas Ata Hai
Muje Tanhaeyon Main Chor Jata Hai
Wo Muje Bohat Yad Ata Hai
Wo Muje Bohat Yad Ata Hai
Sweet are the words of Love

sweeter his thoughts

Sweetest of all what

Love nor says nor thinks. .
We Love
Ourself even
after doing
many misTaKeS,
Then How
can we hate
other 4 their
only one MisTakE,
So think. . . .
U hate Someone.,.,!
Ye tu Dil tha Dewana k Tum per aa gaya
Warna Hum Keemti pathron ko be uthaya nhi krty
Ye mana k Tum Haseen hoo magr ye be sun loo
Hum Haseen logon se dil lagaya nhi krty
Jis se Krty hain pyar bus ek hi baar krty hain
Baar baar hum b kisi ko sataya nhi krty
True Meaning of Luv

If its coz of eyes or hair its nt luv its attractn
If bcz of inteligence abt lyf,its not luv its admiration
If it''s bcz it make u 4get 2 study n sleep,it''s not luv its infatuation!

Luv is ven u dnt no y u r atracted 2 a person..
Luv has its own Reason,n dat is Unknown.
U? b_d
U know who is the best couple in the world??

Smile and tears..

Rarely they are seen 2gether,

but when they are together its the best moment of the life..