Na Dil Me Basakar Bhulaya Karte He

Na Hansakr Rulaya Karte Hai,

Kabhi Mehsoos Kar Ke Dekh Lena,

Hum Jaise To DiL Se Rishte Nibhaya Karte he.

Oct, 05 2011     143 chars (1 sms)     884 views       Love

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WO mujhay choor gya hay
y baat tu sach hay
magar baat hay ruswai ki
WO jhan khain bhi gya
loat kay meray hi pas aya
ik yahi baat achhai hay meray harjai ki
Love In Its Truest Form

Has No Language Or Words ,

It Just Has A Thousand And One Actions

We All Wish We Could Describe ....
“I Love Walking in Rain
So That No One Can See My Tears”,
It’s a Bit Old One
. Do You Know The Latest One??
“I Love Walking in Any Season,
Petrol is Now "78 INR" Per Litre”.
If I am Pressed To Say Why I Loved Her,

I Feel It Can Only Be Explained By Replying

'' Because It was She,Because It Was Me...
Mere aane ki aahat pe shama jalai hogi...
kabhi judai ke gum se aakh bhar aai hogi...
fikar na kar mere yaar...
us rabne milne ki koi to sham banai hogi...!
What I Enjoy Is Your Company, Being Near You, Being Togather.

What I Need Is Time With You, Show Me You Care, Let Me Care For You, Let Me Know I''m Important To you.

I''ll Be Sure You Know How Important You Are To me, All I Need Is You , You To Love me , As I Love U
Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.
Love To Fault Is Alwayz Blind

Always Is To Joy Inclined

Lawless, Winged And Unconfined

And Breaks All Chains From Minds

... Shakespare ...
The Person Who Loves You Alot Will Always
Do Two Things Extremely For You:

An aching heart is like a small baby which can only cry..
but it wont be able to experss its feelings..
So dont hurt anybody
Raat Ka Galiban ,Aakhiri Pehar Tha …
Mujh Say Tanha Sitara Yoon Gooya Hoa
Hamnasheen …
Alwida !!
Aey Meray Hamnasheen . .Mujh Ko Nend Aa Gai
Tum Bhi So Jaao Ja Ker Kahen
Kal Milen Gay Yaheen..!!
Ye Sun Kar Main Halka Sa Muska Dia
Us Ko Batla Dia
Janay Walay Yahan Lout‘tay He Nahi
Tum Na Ao Gay Kal
Mujh Ko Hay Ye Yaqeen
Baat Sun Kar Meri
Wo Ruk Sa Gia …
Or Kehnay Laga ..
*Tum Say Wadah Karon
Phir Na Pora Karon ?
Aisa Mumkin Nahi …
Sun Meray Hamnashen …Main To Insaa‘n Nahi
They Say
"You Can Win Over Your Enemy By Love"


I Say
"Love Is The Biggest Enemy Of Life When It Hurts"