Gussa Karne Ka Matlub

Gussa Karne Ka Matlub

Gussa Karne Ka Matlub Hei K Hum!

Dusron Ki Galtion Ka Intaqam

Apne Aap Se Lete Hein!

(Elexender Pop)

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A Good person is like a Lighthouse. It doesn''t Ring Bells & Fire Guns to call Attention to itself. It simply Shines just like YOU


By Seeing
Each Other

Count Is

In Our Busy Life

Remember To Say

Take Care
You r Precious ... :)
People Are Not Beautiful

As They Look
As They Walk
As They Talk

People Are Beautiful

As They Sincere
As They Care
As They Remember ... (:
We Have No Right To Ask When A Sorrow Comes. . . ''Why Did This Happen To Me. . . ?'' Unless
We Ask The Same Question For Every Joy That Comes Our Way. . .
Umar K Samandar Me

Roshni Ki Khwaish Me

Waqt k Sitare Hyn

Jis Khuda Ne Ye Dhart

Ye Falak Sanware Hyn

Us Se Iltija Hy Ye

Aur Meri Dua Hy Ye

Wo Aap Ki Qismat Me

ILM Ki Rida Likh De

WAQT Ki Ada Likh De

PYAR Be-panah Likh De

MAA Ki Dua Likh De

Aur Apni RAZA Likh De

~ Aameen~
We live in r Dreams
Dreams May Die.
Don''t get shattered & never cry.
The world is big n has lots to give.
Pick a new Dream
Start Again.
Gud Day.. . . . .
Zindagi bhar zindagi ki saza milti rahi,
Lamha lamha wafaaon ki jaza milti rahi.
Cherh kar jata raha har baar zakhmon ko mere,
Gham ke sholon ko yun hi hawaa milti rahi.
Meri nazron ne hai bakhsha husn ko farogh,
Uske har aaza ko ik adaa milti rahi.
Faasla badta gaya jitna gaya uske qareeb,
Khushk patton ko jaise hawaa milti rahi.
Paththron ki gird takrata raha ''Rahat'' ka wajood,
Sukhan goi ka sadaa nayee sadaa milti rahi.
V May Not Be Eligible
For Oscars Or Grammys
V r All Eligible 4
Life''s Precious
Moments , Like ...

A Big Hug,
A Quiet Evening Walk,
With A Friend,
Thinking Of Someone
Late At Night,
Watching The Rain,
Sipping Hot Coffee,
A Gud Day At Work,
Parent''s Love,
The Day U Made
Ur Own Break Fast,
To See Someone Smile
At u For No Reason,

Treasure These
Moments 4 Ur
Lifetime ..
U Mite Not Get
These Back ...

Enjoy Life ... (:
idhr udhr ki sims istamal krenge to signal to katenge hi.agr ap is kefiat se bachna chahte hain to aap lain "NAMAZ"ki sim
Kiun k namaz deti ha apko rab se ghanton free baat ke 5 mawaqe rozana
or free sms wo b fori dilivery k saath
sirf yahi nahin raat 12 se subha 4 tk sb kuch manwaiay apne rab se..,.

Ye offer saari zindagi k liye hai,
You r The Example Of
Red Rose
Its So Soft
Needs 100% Care
So Plz
Take Care Of Yourself (:
Relationship is like a

It''s beautiful when
watered with



It dries up if left

Stay in touch wid ur
love onez
A Lot Of Ants Were Roaming Around My Phone.

I Was Wondering How Come.

Then i Suddenly Realised That My

Phone Contains Contact Of Very Sweet Person Like U..!