khuda Ki Qasam Bari

khuda Ki Qasam Bari
khuda Ki Qasam Bari Mushkil Sey Milta Hey..!!

Wo Aik Dil Jo Muhabbat Nibhaney Wala Hu..!!

Jun, 18 2010     93 chars (1 sms)     841 views       Broken Heart

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Tumse mumkin ho to rok lo saansein hamari,
Dil jo dharkega to tum yaad aaogy.

Loving 100
Wrong persons
may not even
AFFECT ur life.
But hating 1 right person
Will leave U a Broken HEART
My EyEs LiE ...

My SmIlE DeCieVeS ..

NoW nOtHiNG Is LeFt ..

JuSt PaLe AuTuMn LeAvE ...


My ...
BrOkEn HeArT tHat BlEeDs ....
Zakhm dil ka kise dikhyen hum
Dosti kiski aazmayen hum
Zabt kARNe ki dal lain aadat
Ghar ki deewar kya uthayen hum
Maslahat ka yahi takaza hai
Jo wo kahte hain maan jaayen hum
Berukhi humse ho nahi saktee
Bhool jayen teri khatayen hum
lab pe rakh kar hansi dikhawe ki
Dard-e-dil kab talak chupayen hum
Tod dete hain ghar ke log ise
Khwab palkon pe kya sajayen hum.
i Was So


To Think That May Be

For One Second

You Actully

Want to ask you to stay,
Want to block your way..
But just a water drop can''t do anything,
Except fall from the eyes..
I Suggest you to do WAR but never LOVE
bcoz in WAR either you LIVE or you DIE.
but in LOVE
neither you LIVE nor you DIE..
khuda Ki Qasam Bari Mushkil Sey Milta Hey..!!

Wo Aik Dil Jo Muhabbat Nibhaney Wala Hu..!!
You call me your ''EX''
I will always better than your NEXT

She broke his heart and yelled out to him

He stood there in agony, and whispered..

"but u r my life.." :''(
Forget The Times He Walked By,
Forget The Times He Made You Cry,
Forget The Times He Spoke Your Name,
Remember Now Your Not The Same.
Forget The Times He Held Your Hand,
Forget The Sweet Things If You Can,
Forget The Times & Don''t Pretend,
Remember Now He''s Just Your Friend.
I’ve learnd
I came alone and i’ve to go alone
I’ve learnd
People r with u only when they need u, not otherwise
I’ve learnd
Extra care of anyone by you will ultimately bring a blame for you, not appreciation
I’ve learnd
A simple LIE of ur close one can break you more than anything
I’ve learnd
Its very hard to weep alone when there is no shoulder to support U
I’ve learnd
Help people but not upto the point beyond ur dignity
I’ve learnd
Luv urself and love people but only if u can do it without expecting anything from them…
& I think I’ ve learnd a bit about life