D say Dil, D say Dosti

D say Dil, D say Dosti
D say Dil D say Dosti, D say Dard, D say Dillagi, D say Dewangi
lekin D say itna Door bhi na jana k S say sms or C say Call
bhi na kar sako.

Jun, 17 2010     143 chars (1 sms)     705 views       Friendship

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dosti ki raho mai kabhi akelapan na mile,
aai dost zindagi mai tumhe kabhi gum na mile,
dua karte hai hum khuda se,
tuhme jo bhi dost mile hUM se kam na mile.
vishvas ki ek jori hai Dosti,
betab dil ki majboori hai Dosti,
na mano to kuch nhi,


mano to zindagi ki kamzori hai Dosti..!
My Friendship Is




Because They All Are Dissapear

My Friendship Is Like SKY

Which Will Alwayz Be Watching Over U . . .
Never Walk Away From
A True Friend When
U C Some Faults . . .

B Patient & Realize
That NoBody Is
Perfect . . .

It''s Affection That Matter,
Not Perfection . . .
Respect those friends who find time for you

In their busy schedule.

But really love those friends who never see their

Schedule when you need them
~D e d i c a t e d~

I find my hands full of Friends
I want to hold ''em tight as I fear losing ''em,
Then I laugh,
When I realize that they are the ones holding me....
Thanks for being there for me...=)
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.
Jab Waqt ne Zindagi se Hisaab maanga,
To humne socha kya Khoya or kya Paaya,
Khone ka to Hisaab na mila,
Yaad raha to bas itna ke Dost ap jaisa bhi payaa
Ye Dost b Ajeeb Hote Hyn
Dene Pe Aaye''n Tou
Jaan De Dain
Lene Pe Aayen Tou
Hansi Tak Cheen Lain
Kehne Pe Aayen Tou Dil K Tamam Khano K
Raaz Tak Keh Dain
Chupane Pe Aayen Tou Ye Tak na Batayen
K Khafa Kyun Hyn
Naraz Honay Pe Aayen Tou
Saans Tak na Lene Dain
Manane Pe Aaye''n Tou
Apni Saansain Waar Dain

"Dost" Zindagi main Nahi Mila Kerte
Zindagi "Doston" Main Milti Hy ... (:
Dont write your name on sand, waves will wash it.
Dont write your name on sky, wind may blow it.
Write your name on hearts of your friends,
thats where it will stay.

When you fall.....
I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.
This is my oath.....
I pledge ''til the end.

Why you may ask?
Because you''re my friend!
Dont give pa$sword of our Love and friend$hip to anybody,Becau$e if u
will $ay thi$ pa$sword "I LOVE U" It mean$ he will hack u from me
and u will go out from my hand$.....