In this WORLD

In this WORLD
In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN, only one thing is DEFINITE. You''ll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME & beyond DISTANCE!

Jun, 17 2010     151 chars (1 sms)     876 views       Friendship

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I’m crying,
The tears are slowly going,
I’ve got a problem,
I can find a way out,
I’ve got a friend.
My friend has got a friend.
I’m a friend with my friend.
A friend is not a friend,
Without a friend,
That’s my friend,
My friend,
Who’s got a friend.
khud pe bharosa hai to khuda tere sath hai,
apno pe bharosa hai to har dua tere sath hai,
zindagi se kabhi mat darna aiy dost,
tera ye dost sada tere sath hai.
There are 3 Chambers in My Heart
One for my Mum
One for my Dad
One for God
What about U ?
Sorry No place for u in my Heart ! !
Because Friends like you are my HEART BEAT
Lips are like friends

If we say

Lips will never join

But if we say


Manhus fatt se jurr jatay hain...
Tum Se Na Mile, Koi Gum Nahi,
Bas Baat Karo Ye Milne Se Kam Nahi,
Dosti Me Dhoka De Wo Hum Nahi,
Aur Hamari Dosti "Rang De Basanti" Se Kam Nahi
1 Seed Can Create A Forest.

1 Smile Can Start A


1 Touch Can Show


And A Friend Like

You Can Bring Meanin 2 Live
The best feeling in the world is
when u think that ur frnd forgot u
Suddenly u receive a message frm ur frnd saying
“I m missing u
barsat mein ham pani ban k baras jainge...
patjhar mein ham phol ban k jhar jainge...
kia hua jo aaj aap ko tang karte hain...
ek din aap ko bin bataye hi chalay jainge.
The minds of 2 friends r like the
lines of railway track they may not meet but has 2 go 2gether
2 save the derailment of train called
Rab se aapki khushi mangte hain,
duaon me aapki hansi mangte hain,
sochte hain kya mangen aapse chalo aapki umar bhar ki
dosti mangte hain
Painting is a feelin, Never spoil it.
Face is a book, try 2 read it.
Love is precious, B ready 2 sacrifice for it
& Friendship is like a mirror never break it!
I dont know how to feel when your the friend that makes me wanna take my life cuz ur not a part of my today but also makes me wanna live in the HOPe that you may be a part of my tomorrow...