In this WORLD

In this WORLD
In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN, only one thing is DEFINITE. You''ll always be my FRIEND, beyond WORDS, beyond TIME & beyond DISTANCE!

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der r ppl v talk nd laugh wid everyday
yet da frendship ends der
bt der r dose whom v rarely gt 2 talk nd meet
yet v knw dat dey r worth keeping
I have open n emotional bank account in my heart.
Plz deposit ur FRIENDSHIP in it.
I make u sure that U will receive interest as long as I am live
Wo dil hi kya jo milane ki dua na kare,
tujhe bhul ke jiyu khuda na kare,
rahegi hamari dosti zindgi bhar,
ye baat alag hai ki zindgi wafa na kare.
??You are my true friend
??True friends are Rare to Find
??True friends are Always very Kind
??True friends are Ornaments so Beautiful
??True friends Always make us Cheerful
??True friends are the Work of Perfection
??True friends Give us right Direction
??True friends Always shine like Moon
??True friends are the Greatest Boon
??That''s Y Ur My True Friend
??Forever ?
Friendship is not built with special people.

People become special after becoming friends.

So the moral is: U r not special. I made u special..
Dost ko dost ka Ishara Yaad rehta hai,Har Dost ko apna Dostana Yaad rehta hai. 2pal Sacche Dost k sath to guzaro,Maut tak vo Nazara Yaad rehta hai....
A strong bonding does''nt need daily messages,

Doesn''t always need calls.

As long as love lives in the heart,

true friendship never departs.
In The Flower My Rose Is You,
In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,
In The Sky My Moon Is You,
I"m Only Body My Heart Is You,
That"s Why I Always MISS YOU
After a quarrel, a wife said to
her husband, "You know, I was
a fool when I married you."
The husband replied, "Yes,
dear, but I was in love and didn''t notice." ;->
Whats Friendship??

When U CaLL a Person By a Stupid name & Never By
Their Own Name.
Wen They ALways Get Angry Whenever U TeLL Them
That U r Busy and Can"t RepLy.
Wen They TeLL Everything Abt Themselves even if
its Embarracing.
Wen they Come 2 See U Whenever they Get a Chance.
Wen U Argue With each other on Stupid Things &
Then End Up Laughing.
CeLebrate ur Friendship.
Send this MSG 2 ur Friends who means aLot 2 U.
I Just Did...
Don''t Try To
Have Friend Who Can
Achieve Great Heights,
Have A Friend
Who Can Hold When
You Fall From
The Greatest height ..!!
Pani Ka 1 qatra Sa Palkon Pe ChaGaya..

Yun Mousam Hal-E-Dil Apka Humen Bata gaya..

Üdas HoRahe Thy NA Aap......

Lo ''SMS'' Hamara agaya.... ;->