Hum apne par

Hum apne par
Hum apne par gurur nahi karte,

yad karne ke liye kisi ko majbur nahi karte.

Magar jab ek bar kisi ko dost bana le,

to usse apne dil se door nahi karte.

Jun, 17 2010     160 chars (1 sms)     759 views       Friendship

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Vacancy available

Post... True Friend

Ability... Loving & Caring

Experience... Not Required

Duty... To Sms Daily

Salary... Never Ending Love

To Apply......
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Good FRIENDS Care For Each Other..
Close Friends
Understand Each Other...
And TRUE Friends Stay
Beyond Words,
Beyond Time...**
A friend is never a coincidence in your life they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship between us...
Attention Friend''s !
To save U from losing your Friendship, I advise U to send maximum amount of SMS''s to my number which which will bring u closser to me !
Two Friends Are Two People Who
Are Comfortable Sharing Silence
Friend ship is a snow man
Easy to make But hard to keep
We smile at whom we like, we cry for whom we care,
we laugh with whom we enjoy & we become angry with whom
we feel is our own. That"s Friendship, that"s Luv
A Friend

Is One Of The Nicest Thing

You Can Have


One Of the Best Things

You Can be ... :)
Friendship Is Like
Playing On Seesaw
Not Only Because
U Always Have Fun In It
But Also Because
U Wouldn''t Mind Going Down
To See Other Rise ... :)
I have open n emotional bank account in my heart.
Plz deposit ur FRIENDSHIP in it.
I make u sure that U will receive interest as long as I am live
Tu door hai mujh sey, per paa$ bhi hai ,,
Teri kami main kahin , tera ehsaa$ bhi hai..

Tujh $ey Do$t hain laakhon, jahan main merey,
Per tu Do$t bhi hai, aur khaa$ bhi hai ..

Tuney Khu$hiyan mujhey itni di hain keh aaj,,
Tujhey khoney ka dil main ehsaa$ bhi hai ...

KHUDA ne yuun nawaza, teri Do$ti se mujhey,,
Keh mujhey khud pe gumaan hai, aur naaz bhi hai.....
Un say door janey ka irada to na tha!

Sada sath rehny ka b wada to na tha!

Wo yaad na karay ga yeah janty thy hum!

Par itni jaldi bhool haye ga indaza to na tha! KK