Friendship is a promise

Friendship is a promise

Friendship is a promise spoken by the heart
is not given by plege, nor written on paper,
but promise renewed everytime friends keep in touch.

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To know someone here or there with whom you
can feel there is understanding in spite of
distances or thoughts expressed ~
That can make life a garden.

''S'' upport Us
''P'' ray 4 Us
''E'' ncourage Us
''C'' are 4 Us
''I'' nspire Us
''A'' dvise Us
''L'' ove Us

Hope We Remain
"SPECIAL" Always (:
FRIEND Means. . . ?

F – Free From All Formalities

R – Rite To Say Anything

I – In Anyway

E – Either Good Or Bad

N – No Sorry No Thanks

D – Daantna Peetna Allowed . . . . :->
Before I got in touch with u,
I used to gaze at stars as they were only my friends.
But after I met u,I started believing
that stars do fall on Earth. . .
Woh Beparwa Hi Sahi Dost To Apna hai FARAZ Aadat ki Baat Aur Hai Wo Dil ka Bura Nahi
Na intzaar hai na ikraar hai, na aapse milne ko ab mera dil be-kraar hai,
phir bhi dil se na jaane kyon yeh aawaz aati hai, wo tumhi ho jinki aankon aur
baaton mei ek sachchi dosti ka khumar hai.
Startz wid

Changez to "wassup"

Growz to
"oye pagal"

Tendz to
"tu apna dimagh mat chala"

Fallz to
"thappar khana hy"

"tu sambhal lena yaar"
Datz FRIENDSHIP:] thnx fr being ma frnd.... =)
I m not
Javed Aktar
2 write about u

I m not sonu nigm
2 sing 4 u

I m just a friend 2 say
i m am always with you...
Among D GR8 & Glorious Gifts
That V R Blessed With...

It Is D Gift Of Understanding..
That V Find In True Friends!

Like You And Me.
For me U r as... Chees 4 pizza..
passport 4 visa... butter 4 bread..
ice 4 freezer.. cream 4 cake...
water 4 lake.. leaf 4 tree..
a FRIEND like u is 4 ever.
Life can b hard,

nt always fun.

Night brings darkness

and morning brings sun.

Wn life seems tough

n nobdy seems to care,

Dil se Karna yaad,

I''ll b there.
Alone i can say bt 2gthr v can chat,
Alone i can smile bt 2gthr we cn laugh,
Alone i can live bt 2gthr we cn celebrate.
Dis is d magic of r frdship.