Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi

Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi
Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi Manaakar,
Kabhi Hansakar Kabhi Rulakar.
Teri Dosti ne Sikhaya Hai
Har Pal Jeena Muskura Kar.
Muskurati Subah Ka
Swagat Karo Muskura Kar

Jun, 17 2010     161 chars (2 sms)     711 views       Friendship

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Any Friend Can Say: '''' I Can Understand Ur Feelings. . .''''
Only A Real/True Friend Will Say: ''''I Can Feel Ur Feeling. . .''''
"Tu Ek Munfrid Phool Tha Jo Dil Ko Bhaa Gya"
"Warna Main Wo shabnam Nahi Jo Har Gul Pe Fida Ho Jaon"
...Only for You...
Aap pas raho ya door hum dil ki awaz mila sakte hein
na khat k na phone k mohtaj he hum per apke dil ko
ek hichki se hila sakte hein.
Friendship is a language spoken by heart...
not written on paper, not given by pledge...
it is a promise renewed everytime we keep in touch...Take Care...
Friendship Is All About 3 Things




Sharing ...

Winning Ur Frend''z Heart

Losing Ur Self Ego


Sharing Joyz n Sorrowz ... :)
Road Has Speed
Bank Has Money
Exam Has Time
Building Has Height
Bt Frendship Has
NO Limit
Just A Note 2Say That Our Friendship Has No ENding & Its Grows On & ON

Just A Note
Friendship Help UsOpen Our Heart In Way That We Thought Were Never Possible

Just A Note

Thankyou 4 Being EveryThing 2 Me
ThankYou 4 Being My Friend
I have a pen which is blue, I have a friend which is you. Flowers will die, waters will dry, but our friendship will never say goodbye.
Be Slow To Fall In


When Thou Art In

Continue Firm
Constant . . . [-_-]
FrIeNsHiP iS Da OnLy ReLaTiOnShIp ThAt wE cAn "ChOoSe". . .
A tRuE fReNd iS SoMeOnE WhO sTaNdS bY u iNtHe DaRkEsT hOuR
"dOn''T wOrRy I aM hErE ! !"
6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred;
Free your mind from worries; Live simply;
Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND
To find a true love, you must first find a true friend. Love does not consist of gazing into each other''s eyes, but rather looking outward together in the same direction. To love someone completely you must love them for who they are, not what they look like. Friendship is the soil through which love''s seeds grow. If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.