Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi

Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi
Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi Manaakar,
Kabhi Hansakar Kabhi Rulakar.
Teri Dosti ne Sikhaya Hai
Har Pal Jeena Muskura Kar.
Muskurati Subah Ka
Swagat Karo Muskura Kar

Jun, 17 2010     161 chars (2 sms)     548 views       Friendship

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One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
barsat mein ham pani ban k baras jainge...
patjhar mein ham phol ban k jhar jainge...
kia hua jo aaj aap ko tang karte hain...
ek din aap ko bin bataye hi chalay jainge.
You may think i dont care,
You may think i wont share,
But did u once asked what was wrong?
Its not my fault dat v r apart,
And i am not the 1 who doesnt have a heart
Friendship Is All About 3 Things




Sharing ...

Winning Ur Frend''z Heart

Losing Ur Self Ego


Sharing Joyz n Sorrowz ... :)
A Friend Is Not a Spare Tyre That U Pull Out When U Feel Life Has Gone Flat ...

Friend Is The Steering Wheel Who Help U To Turn Ur Life In The Right Path ....
Met U..
Bcam Frnds..
Had Fun..
Freaked Out..
Shard Secrts..
Fought Wid U, F0ught Ova U, F0ught 4 U..
Cried 4 U, Cried Wid U..
Teasd U..
Hurt U...
Missd U..
& Here Me Stil Thinkin Of U...
Long Journey Huh?....
Will Never Let It End.. Right?
Just Wantd U 2 Know Dat My Friend...
U R Valued!! (-: | ;->
Full Form Of FRIEND
That Is Friend.
I have a pen which is blue, I have a friend which is you. Flowers will die, waters will dry, but our friendship will never say goodbye.
DOSTI wo hy jo

“JANUARY” ki dhoop ho,

“FEBRUARY” ki barish ho,

“MARCH” ki shaam ho,

“APRIL” ki hawa ho,

“MAY” ki subah ho,

“JUNE” ki chawo’on ho,

“JULY” ki khushboo ho,

“AUGUST” ki taaron bhri raat ho,
“SEPTEMBER” ki chandni ho,

“OCTOBER” ki rim-jhim ho,

“NOVEMBER” ki bahaar ho,

“DECEMBER” ki sard raat ho,

Us sardi mai mery sard Hath hon or aap ky leay Dua ek khass ho k,
RAHO “ameen”
Age Appears To Be Best In Somethings

Old Wood Best To Burn

Old Books Best To Read

Old Rice Best To Eat


Old Friends Best To Keep
Like U JAn|x . . . ;->

* Field Of Love *

* Root Of Joy *

* Island Of God *

*End Of Sorrows *

* Name Of Hope *

* Door Of Understanding *

Dont Lose ...[=
"F r i e n d s h i p
M a k e s
P r o s p e r i t y
M o r e
S h i n i n g
L e s s e n s
A d v e r s i t y
B y
D i v i d i n g
S h a r i n g
I t ... ^-^