Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi

Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi
Kabhi Roothkar Kabhi Manaakar,
Kabhi Hansakar Kabhi Rulakar.
Teri Dosti ne Sikhaya Hai
Har Pal Jeena Muskura Kar.
Muskurati Subah Ka
Swagat Karo Muskura Kar

Jun, 17 2010     161 chars (2 sms)     577 views       Friendship

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Respect those friends who find time for you

In their busy schedule.

But really love those friends who never see their

Schedule when you need them
ek dost ne apne dost se kha k agar me mar jaon to tum kiya karo gy.to dost ne mazaq me jawab diya k me to bhot khush ho jaon ga agle din os ka dost mar geya or ek lettar us dost ke liye chor geya jis me likha hua tha yar jaan bhi koi cheez thi teri khushi k liye
Frendship is nt da thing 2 hold ur hand when thousands r wid u...!


it iis dat trust
which hold ur hand when thousandz r against u..!
Few realation in Earth Never Die.
Want to know What is it ? Read again..
(F) Few (R) Realation (I) In (E) Earth (N) Never (D) Die
Tumse hi Dosti
Tumhara hi Intezar Tumhare bina Dil rehta hai
tumhari yeh Saadgi, Tumhara yeh Pyar
Jeevan bhar na bhool payenge is
Dosti ko
Friendship is like a book,
It takes only few seconds to burn.
But it takes years to print,
So print it very carefully and never let it burn.
I''ve Got So Many
Idiotic Aspects
May Be
I''m A Sinner
May Be
I Dnt Knw
What Is Mannerism
May Be
I m Self-Obsessed
Coming To Think Abt
My Buddies I Think Tht
My Choice Is The Best
In The World ... :)

Dedicated To All
My Buddies *.*
PaIn Of MisSinG FrIeNdS iSn''T tHiEr aBsEnCe . . .
ItS WhEn U ThInK oF ThE gOOd TyMs u HaVe ShaReD & U aSk UrSeLf
"WiLl ThOsE mOmEnTs eVeR hApPeN aGaIn"
ThAt''s FrIeNdsHiP
Tere dil ko sajayenge apne arman dekar,

tere labo ko hasayenge apni muskan dekar.

Dosti ki kasam tujhe kafan se bhi utha layenge

tere sharir me apni jaan dekar
* end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly gd nite n sweet dreams...
"A friend loves you, makes you feel alright, troubles are not troubles when you talk,

listen and accept you as you are, because you will feel the same and love the same......."
Seperations r those wounds

tht nobdy can heal.

N memoris r those treasures

tht nobdy cn steal.

Bt do nt separate

to make memories.

Stay in touch!