Minutes r smal

Minutes r smal
Minutes r small,hours r less, days r short, months r enough to be with u,i can take infinite births if i get a sweet friend like u....

Jun, 16 2010     135 chars (1 sms)     605 views       Friendship

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Dua hai aaj u hi muskurate raho. Banke tara aasman me jagmagate raho. Aankho
me khusi labo pe muskaan ho. Hamare bina khusiyo ki kahin koi kami na ho.
Sometimes I look at my friends and think to myself,

"Where the hell did I meet these crazy people?"

But then I think "What the hell would I do without them" (:
To live a life i need heartbeat,
2 have heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have heart i need happiness,
to have happiness i need a friend,
and 4 a friend i need U.ALWAYS
Startz wid

Changez to "wassup"

Growz to
"oye pagal"

Tendz to
"tu apna dimagh mat chala"

Fallz to
"thappar khana hy"

"tu sambhal lena yaar"
Datz FRIENDSHIP:] thnx fr being ma frnd.... =)
A great frend is an extension of our-self

widout whom v r nt complett.

So better take care of urself

b''coz I dn''t wanna 2 loose a part of me!
Friendship Is a Sea
Friends are Fishes..
U r my Golden Fish..

I"LL Keep U Save in My Heart..
If u Try To Go away From me
Kasam se!
Fry kr K BiLLi ko KhiLa Doonga...
One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Friendship Is A Promise

Made In The Heart



Unbreakable By Distance

Unchangeable By Time

Like Us ... =)
Alphabetic advice for you:


Avoid Bad Company.


Don''t Entertain Fools.


Go for High Ideas.


Just Keep Lovely friends like me.
*. .*
( ._, )
*==* friendship
need no
no demands and
no expectations.
just sinzerity and trust! dear i m missing u.
Sometimes in life we think we don"t need anyone.
But sometime we don"t have anyone when we need...
So don"t let your best buddies go ever...
Give a friend a hug every day, because when they aren''t there anymore, you will wish you could give one hundred more