Minutes r smal

Minutes r smal
Minutes r small,hours r less, days r short, months r enough to be with u,i can take infinite births if i get a sweet friend like u....

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Not talking to strangers is a waste of life. Because remember that at one point your best friend was a stranger.
Milna Bicharna Sab
Qismat Ka Khel Hy

Kahin Nafrat Kahin
Dilo''n Ka Mail Hy

Bik Jata Hy Har Rishta
Dunya Main

Sirf Dosti Hi Yahan
"Not For Sale" Hy ... :)
Best lines said by a friend
“I cannot promise to solve all ur problems
I can only promise that
I will never let u face them alone”
Some friends are like a Flower. and when they finally bloom they wilt away in just one day and some times just by noon. Some friends are like a cloudy day and when the sun's in sight. it gets blocked by the grayest cloud
Dreams Are
Thoughts ...
You Don''t Have
Time To think
About During The Day
Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
Road Has Speed
Bank Has Money
Exam Has Time
Building Has Height
Bt Frendship Has
NO Limit
Aap ke Jaanisaar.Hum bhi hai.
Aashiq-e-Dil figaar,Hum bhi hai.
Dard kahta hai.Mujhse tanhaiyo me
Tum na ghabrao.Yaar saath hum bhi hai
Har dil faryad nahi karta, Har koi kisi ko yaad nahi karta, bhool jaein aap ko ek pal k liye bhi, is baat par dil aetbaar nahi karta
This place is no longer
new to me,

But people! they are
still the same,

So are my dreams!

I wish,
you will find someone
like yourself,

I will miss you,
my dear friend,

As you are so special
to me, by all means ...
The 10 Qualities
Of Perfect Friend
Must Have

1 Great & Brave Heart

2 Sweet & Soft Voice

3 Sharp & Fast Brain

4 Cute & Stupid Smile

5 Loving & Caring

6 Confident

7 Attractive

8 Deep Connectivity

9 Power Of Speaking

10 Power Of Hearing
Lie About Their Self ... ;->
New friends may be a poem, but old friends are alphabets. Do not forget alphabets, coz u''ll need them to read the poem!