Make A Friend

Make A Friend
Make A Friend,
Its A Gift!
Have A Friend,
Its A Grace!
Keep A Friend,
Its Virtue!
But Being A Good
Friend,Its A

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if it is Head means. You are my friend. If it is
Tail means. I am your Friend...!
The Words That Escape

A Friend''s Mouth Are

"I''ll Be There When You Say You Need Me"

But The Words That Are Unheard

From A True Friend''s Heart Are

"I''ll Be There...

Whether You Say

You Need Me Or Not."
Best day aaj, best gift zindagi,
best eahsaas khushi,
best feeling pyar,
best relationship dosti,
best person hum,
best friend tum hum tum
rab se aap ki khushi mangtay hain,
duaao mein aap ki hansi mangtay hain,
sochtay hain kia mange aap se,
chalo aap ki umar bhar ki dosti mangtay hain...!
Jinki yaad mei hum dewane ho gaye
woh humhi se begane ho gaye
shayad unhe talash hai naye dosto ki
kyoki unki nazar mei ab hum purane hogaye
Keep your eyes upon me, keep me in your sight, Help me don the crooked road, lead me to the light.

The road I''m on is dark, I''m not sure if I know the way, Yet with you right beside me, I''m certain I won''t stray.

Protect me from the world, I know we''ll make it through,

Give me all the strength I need..... Let me lean on you."
Some times I feel tears in your laughing
Some times I feel sadness in your happiness

But It is true friendship when you know unexpressed emotions of your friend
Only Your

Real Friends

Will Tell



Your Face

Is Dirty.

~Sicilian Proverb
7 Is A Great Number.

U Knw Why?

7 Colurs Make Rainbow!

7 Swar Make Music!

7 Days Make Week!

7 Round Make Life Partner

& Most Precious Thing,

7 Letters Make "Friends"
To Meet A
Like You ...
Is Like ,
The Delight Of
After A Long
D.R.O.U.G.H.T ... :)
I d0n''T
NeEd a FrIeNd
wHo NoDs
I NoD . . .
BeTtEr . . . ! ! !
FRIENDSHIP isn"t how U forGet but how U forGive,
Not how U liSten but how U UnderStand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!