Make A Friend

Make A Friend
Make A Friend,
Its A Gift!
Have A Friend,
Its A Grace!
Keep A Friend,
Its Virtue!
But Being A Good
Friend,Its A

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vishvas ki ek jori hai Dosti,
betab dil ki majboori hai Dosti,
na mano to kuch nhi,


mano to zindagi ki kamzori hai Dosti..!
Friends Are Like The Sun ...

They Never Fail To Proceed To Make All Your Days

Bright & Warm ... [-_-]
Friends Are Like Flowers In Hands
If Not Hold Properly
The Throns Can Hurt U . . .
Sweetness can be defined without honey.

Fragnance can be defined without Rose.

But, friendship can"t be defined without YOU.
Khushboo k nazool jaisa hay, Wo ik "DOST" jo phool jaisa hay, Hum kiya karta zamanay ki Dosti lay kar, Zamana to uss k qadmoon ki dhool jaisa hai.....
Jo chiz mang kar mile wo mannat hai,
Chaha kar mile wo chahat hai,
Pass ho to amanat hai,
Dil se mile wo rahemat hai,
Par tumare jaisa dost mile wo kismat hai.
"Tears of EYES are Valuable"
"Speech of LIPS are Powerful"
"Heart With LOVE is Beautiful"
"Life with FRIENDS is Most
Wonderful".. !!
Why We Make Friends ???

They Understand
Just By Looking In Ur

U Can Say
Something Stupid Or
Expose Ur Deepest
Secrets To Them

They Believe In
Ur Dreams, No Matter
How Silly They May Seem

They Love U
For Wh8 U r

& Finally

Everything U Do Together
Becomes A Memory ... =)
Wishing To Be

Friends Is

Quick Work,

But Friendship

Is A Slow

Ripening Fruit.
Apki berukhi ko v rutba diya
Dosti ka hr farz ada kiya hmne,
Mat sochiye k bhul gae apko,
Q k aj fir apse pehle apko yad
kiya hmne!!
Minutes r small,hours r less, days r short, months r enough to be with u,i can take infinite births if i get a sweet friend like u....
Friendship Is Needless

Like Philosophy

Like Art

It Has No Survival Value


It Is One Of Those Things That Give Value To Survival. . . .