1 Seed Can Create

1 Seed Can Create
1 Seed Can Create A Forest.

1 Smile Can Start A


1 Touch Can Show


And A Friend Like

You Can Bring Meanin 2 Live

Jun, 16 2010     156 chars (1 sms)     664 views       Friendship

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Friend Is An Evergreen Relation

Which Never Thinks

Y We r Friends,

But Wen 2 Friends Miss

Each Other Their Heart

Feels Something Is Missing
A friend is...
A tissue when you can''t stop crying
A shoulder when you feel like dying
Always listens when you have something
to say a week when you just need a day
A crutch when you have a broken heart
Some glue when everything falls apart
A sun when the rain just won''t stop
Your Mom when you run into a cop
phone call when you can''t leave your
Hand when you feel all alone
Wing if you want to fly
Understands without knowing why
An earfor a secret to tell
An aspirin when you feel unwell
A love that can never let go
I cherish those moments of our
frienship I shared with You...
Some friends r worth 2b Thrown,
Some r Good 2 keep,
Some r 2b Treasured 4 ever,

and i Think u r one 2 b Thrown...
in the Treasure Box 2 b kept

4 ever.
Pugrey wery mohabbata de ta rakheye wara lakey,

Mere jay nadan de laa bey jamday jara katakey,

Bar na devana jila kumbida zamana dila hatha wich ley k areyan,

Teri tey gila hai sanu pagla delavey kanu laalaeyan tu yariyan,
Frnd is 1 who tolerates ur worst MOOD,

Manages to smile on ur idiotic JOKE,

Tries 2understand ur craziest DREAM,

n Helps 2deal with ur PROBS..

Always n 4ever..

Na who farishta ho na farishtey jaisa ho
Mujhey talash hai uski jo merey jaisa ho

Merey khulus ko pehchanta ho bus kafi hai
Who koi bhi ho, kahin bhi ho, kesa bhi ho

Meri khatir marney ka hosla bhi rkhta ho
Agar kabhi rooth jaoon mein us sey to

Muskra key manayee, woh aisa ho
Jo baat karey to woh nibha bhi sakey

Iradon mein woh apney chatanon jaisa ho
Dukhon mein hansney ka hunar janta ho

Ik aisa hamsafar jo samandar kitarah gahrah ho
Us key pyaar ki thandak ho merey liye aisi
Key woh to bilkul aasman key chand jaisa ho

Woh sirf mera ho, jo nigahon mein haya rakhta ho
Umar bhar saath chalney ka azam-e-wafa rakhta ho

Jo khwab deney ko qadir ho meri aankhon ko
Meri mohabbat ko pehchan sakay woh aisa ho
muskra kar hum jee jathe hain. laiken zeher ka piyla pee jathe hain.
jaan se bhi ziyada pyaar karthe hain ke marthe marthe bhi hum jee jathe hain
A lover Says, i will be with in all your troubles...
a good friend says...u will have no trouble when i m wid u...
A bEsT fRiEnD
iSn''T sOmEoNe,
WhO iS jUsT aLwaYz
tHeRe fOr YoU ...
It''S sOmEoNe wHo
uNdErSaTnDs YoU
a BiT mOrE tHaN
YoU uNdErStAnD
yOurSeLf ... (=
Words begin with ....A....B....C....Number begin with....1....2....3....
Music begin with....SA....RE....GA....BUT....?
FRIENDSHIP begins with....
if u find faults in any of his/her behaviour,

just ignore d faults n forgive dem.

Coz act of forgiveness is necessary

in true relationship