1 Seed Can Create

1 Seed Can Create
1 Seed Can Create A Forest.

1 Smile Can Start A


1 Touch Can Show


And A Friend Like

You Can Bring Meanin 2 Live

Jun, 16 2010     156 chars (1 sms)     556 views       Friendship

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In life many people will help YOU

When it suits THEM


Very few people will help YOU

When YOU need it



Be the FEW to MANY
Dude Iss Kadar Mujhe Apne Kareeb Lagti Hai,

Dude Ko Alag se Sochoon To Ajeeb Lagta Hai,

Ek Baat Boloon?

Bura Maat Manana,

Dude Mujhe Sab Se Aazeez Lagti Hai...
You insult me? I can handle it.

You insult my best friend? You die

No one insults my friend more than me.
ThE iMpOrTaNcE oF
gOoD n SiNcErE
In oUr LiVeS
iS lIkE
tHe ImPoRtAnCe Of
ThEy aRe NoT vIsIbLe
tHeY sIlEnTlY sUpPoRt
OuR lIfE ... (:
barsat mein ham pani ban k baras jainge...
patjhar mein ham phol ban k jhar jainge...
kia hua jo aaj aap ko tang karte hain...
ek din aap ko bin bataye hi chalay jainge.

Is A CoMfOrTiNg SmIlE ...

A FaMiLiaR sMilE
ThAt WarMs ThE HeaRt


ThE FrEeDoM tO bE tHe PeRsOn
GoD InTeNdEd .... =)
vishvas ki ek jori hai Dosti,
betab dil ki majboori hai Dosti,
na mano to kuch nhi,


mano to zindagi ki kamzori hai Dosti..!
A lover Says, i will be with in all your troubles...
a good friend says...u will have no trouble when i m wid u...
Zindgai Udaas Hone Ka Naam Nahi,
Dosti Sirf Paas Hone Ka Naam,
Agar Tum Door Rehkar Bhi Hame Yaad Rakho. Isase Badkar Hame Koi Enaam Nahi..
Light, Love, and Laughter...

A friend is light,
bright enough to conquer
the darkness of broken heart,
bringing sunshine to the soul,
making the whole world seem bright and hopeful.

A friend is love,
a special blessing from above,
bringing warmth to a heart grown cold,
making life a grand and exciting adventure.

A friend is laughter,
a gift of joy,
leaving behind a smile
and erasing all traces of woe,
making everything seem shiny and new.
One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.
Thou my words are few

yet my heart is true

i find my friends new

but not as sweet as you

you are the best

i like you