Take the future

Take the future
Take the future in ur hands
see it resting in ur palms
it"s not to late to take a stand
You"ll be sorry when it"s gone
You"ll be sorry

Jun, 15 2010     139 chars (1 sms)     927 views       Independence Day

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Faraz na farmaya na meri phupi na mera taya ma eklaya pakistan banaya
Happy independance day
Punjab ki Pehchan Hoo tum,
Balochistan ki Jaan hoo tum,
Sarhad ka Armaan ho tum,
Sindh ki jaan hoo tum,
aur Pakistan ka Naam ho tum
*Happy Independance Dya*
A Cheater
I Don't Cheat Humanity.
I Hate Study
I Luv Technology.
I Flirt wid Flirters
I Respect Luvrs.
World Cant Change Me
I Can CHANGE D World.
I Dont Have Books In Hands
I Have Revolutionry Ideas In Mind.
I'm D Rarest Race On Earth,
Meet Me
Youth Of Pakistan

Happy Pakistan Day :)
This is the day,
That Our nation sings
This is the day
That the liberty bell starts to ring
This is the day
We all start to remember
What We stand for
And to celebrate our Independence
We stand up high, as We
All start to cry
As we think about,
All that died
For you, for me, for our whole country
Risking there life
Eaxh & everyday here is a salute
To all that lay ...

Happy Independence Day (
Today we are miles apart
but I wanna reach across the miles
and say i’m thinking of you in a very special way
happy independence day
do u know pakistan means...no! ok i m gonna tell you
N=nation....... Happy Independece Day To You.
|| | ( * )

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Z| |\| |} /-\ B /-\ |}
Independence Day Is A

Good Time To Examine

Who We Are And How We Got Here.

Aij Se Theak 20 Din Bad Hamare Mulk Ka
61 ßirthday Ha.

I Think I Am The 1sh One Who Wishing U The


14th August 2008
thousands laid down there lives so that our country
breath this day... never forget there sacrifice..
Happy Independence day.
ALI ky hain wasf itnay kay shumar kon karee
ye kaam he PARWADIGAR tera or kon karee
tee soch kar na kiyee KHUDA ne paida or ALI
kay shigaf KABBAY main kon baar baar karay
Other might have forgotten,
But never can i,
The Flag of my country
Furls very high,
Happy Independence day