Luck is not in your

Luck is not in your
Luck is not in your hand
Work is in your hand;
Luck never makes your work
Work can make your luck.

So always trust in yourself...

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Even though the sky seems dark, believe in the future.
The storm will pass over. The clouds will roll by.
Believe in the best though it seems hidden.
Know that it will come though it''s not in sight.

Your faith will take you through the darkness.
Your belief shall prove that the sun will shine .
Keeping A Smile On Your Face

When Inside You Feel Like Dying

For The Sake Of Supporting Others


S T R E N G H T ...
A mud pot filled wid Milk will alwayz rank higher than a Gold pot filled wid POISON...
Its not our outer glamour but our inner virtues that make us VALUABLE!
Too Many Of Us

Are Not Living

On Our Dreams ...


We Are Living

On Our Fears …
Ups & Downs,
unexpected results & problems are a part of life. Never lose hope in any condition because the darkness of night always finishes with light of day. Remember
A man can live about 40 days without food
About 3 days without water
About 8 minutes without air But not for 1second without hope!
This life is too short 2 make n accelerate relations

I don''t know why people break their developed relations

This life is too short 2 say something to loved ones

I don''t know why peoples keep silent for a long period

This life is too short to make real friends

I don''t know y people break friendships

Think bfore its too late

Today is time
Nobody knows about next moment

Life can''t wait and
Death ever waits....
A clay pot containing milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot containing poison.
Not our outer glamour But our inner virtues make us valuable.
wealth lost nothing lost

Health lost some thing lost

character lost everything lost
Life Never Leaves U
It Always Replaces
Evrything U Lost
If It Asks U To Put
Sumthing Down,
It''s B''coz
It Wants U To
Pick Up Sumthing
Better ...
it’s better to enjoy life committing mistakes
and learn,
rather than
playing safe in ur entire life,
and learned
nothing at all…:j

'The Main Difference Betweem
Attitude And Ego Is That

Attitude Makes U Defer From Others,
While Ego Makes U Alone From Othersâ€'

You''re not scared of the dark
You''re scared of what''s in it

You''re not afraid of heights
You''re afraid 0f falling

You''re not afraid of people around you
You''re just afraid of rejection

You''re not afraid to love
You''re just afraid of not being loved back
You''re not afraid to try again You''re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason ... !