You must be a

You must be a
You must be a good runner
because you are always running in my mind,
you must be a good thief
because you have stolen my heart,
and i am always a bad shooter
because I Miss You Always...

Jun, 14 2010     192 chars (2 sms)     676 views       Love

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Love Is Not Love Untill You Give It Away

So Give It Wings & Let It Go

If It’s Meant To be, It’ll Fly Right Back To You . . .
(Us ne kaha)
Tum me pehli si baat nahi?
(Maine kaha)
Zindagi me ab tera sath nahi,
(Us ne kaha)
Ab bhi kisi ki aankhon me doob jate ho?
(Maine kaha)
Ab kisi ki ankhon me wo baat nahi,
(Us ne kaha)
Kya mein bewafa ho?
(Maine kaha)
Mujhe ab wafa ki talash nai
(Usne kaha)
Kyun itna toot kr chaha muje?
(Maine kaha)
Mein insan ho koi pathar zaat nai.
(Usne kaha)
Bhol jao mujhe!
(Maine kaha)
Tum haqiqat ho koi khwab nai…
Road has speed
Bank has money
Exam has Time
Building has hight
But my love has
NO limit 4u.. :->
Hum Say Kabhi Zikr Judai Math Karna, Ess Dil Ki Kabhi Ruswai Math Karna,"Tum Jan Ho Meri" Bus Etna Samjh Lo, Mery Enn Lafzoo Ko Nailaam Math Karna. IFFI
True Poets Don''t Write

Their Thoughts With A Pen...

They Release The Ink That Flows

From Within Their Heart.
Love Doesn''t Mean

Thinking Less About Yourself,

It Means Thinking

About Yourself Less.
I love to see you smile
In the lone summer of light
And hold you oh so close
Underneath the stars at night
But there is just one thing
Darling through and through
Forever I will cherish
Every moment with you.
Loving, knowing that you are going to get hurt is like living knowing that you are going to die. But not loving so you don''t get hurt is like killing yourself before you die.
Simple Fact:

When V Read An Emotional Sms,

We Nvr Think Of D Person Who Has Sent D Sms

But We Always Think

Of D Person Whom We Luv D Most!
Aaj mujhe App Se Kuch Kehna Hai

Wo Baat Jo App Sunna Chaho Wo hi

3 LAFZ Jo Dil ko Chu jaaey



I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who I call can defend against its force... My love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day
Love Duzn''t Belong
To Bodies
It Must Have Affection
But Not Attraction
Belief But No Doubt
Security But Not
Joy But Not Guilty ...