I miss the voice tha

I miss the voice tha
I miss the voice that calls my name
I miss the hand that holds me securely
I miss the words that enlivens my day
I miss those eyes that see my soul

I miss the way you call my name
Along with the way you hold my hand
I miss you dearly how you love me
And how you tell me you do

I long to hear that voice again
I hope to feel your hand brush against mine
I hope to see those eys
And I hope to be loved by you as long as I have life

Jun, 12 2010     445 chars (3 sms)     690 views       Love

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To Kill An Enemy
You Required A Sword Or A Gun


To Kill A Loved One
Just Being Silent Is Enough

Remember !!
Never Try To Do That... (:
Khuwabon Ki Ek Basti Thi
Ek Larki Us Main Rehti Thi

Apne Ghar K Angan Main
Kuch Sapne Boya Karti Thi

Apne Kamre Ki Khirki Main
Bondon Se Khela Karti Thi

Sab K Samne Hansti Thi
Chup Chup K Roya Karti Thi

Khud Hi Khud Se Kehte Rehna
Dosto Se Kuch Na Kehti Thi

Chand Ko Ghante Takte Rehna
Phir Khud Se Batain Karti Thi

Dekhne Wali Sab Ankhon Ko
Chand Ka Tukra Lagti Thi

Jab Toot Chuki To Sab Ne Jana
Wo Pyar Kisi Se Karti Thi
Mere aane ki aahat pe shama jalai hogi...
kabhi judai ke gum se aakh bhar aai hogi...
fikar na kar mere yaar...
us rabne milne ki koi to sham banai hogi...!
Dil behal jaey tu log chor dete hain,
koi or mil jaey tu log chor dete hain,
4 din ki chandani ka kya karna,
Chandani dhal jaey tu log chor dete hain,
Qasmeen Tu Khaty hain sada sath deney ki Zehan badal jay tu log chor dety hain,
Aj kl k Logon ka kya Bharosa...!
Mosam badal jay tu log chor dete hain,
Log "Dosti" karty hain matlab k liye,
Matlab nikal jaye tu log chor Dyte hain.......
True Love Never Dies,

Even If You Have Found A New Love,
The Sweet Memory Of The Past Will Continue

To Hunt You For The Rest Of Your Life.
A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself - to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart
One Of D True & Nice Saying:-

"D Most Beautiful Clothes Dat A Woman Can Wear R D Arms Of D Manwho Luvs Her..."

is a measles and everyone has to go through this".
Log jane ge Tujhe mera Hawala de kar......

Mera hona Tere hone ki Nishani hogi......?
Please tell me your INGREDIENTS because I mixed 100kg sugar
with 80kg chocolate and 60 kg honey but .... stilli can"t
make a personas sweet as you ...
Main jis din bhula doo tera pyar dil se,
Woh din akhri ho meri zindagi ka,
Yeh Ankhen usi raat andhi hojaye,
Jo ter siva dehken sapna kisi aur ka..!
I''m Trying Really Hard Not To Cry Over You Because

Every Tear Is Just One More Reminder That I Don''t Know How To Let You Go.