I miss the voice tha

I miss the voice tha
I miss the voice that calls my name
I miss the hand that holds me securely
I miss the words that enlivens my day
I miss those eyes that see my soul

I miss the way you call my name
Along with the way you hold my hand
I miss you dearly how you love me
And how you tell me you do

I long to hear that voice again
I hope to feel your hand brush against mine
I hope to see those eys
And I hope to be loved by you as long as I have life

Jun, 12 2010     445 chars (3 sms)     562 views       Love

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Teri Muskan Hamari kamzori hay,
Kehna para hamari majbori hay,
Vo likhte hain humara naam mitti mein
aur mita dete hain, Unke liye ye khel hoga
magar hume to vo mitti mein mila dete hain
Don''t promise me the moon or the stars

just promise me you''ll stay under them
with me.
"To be in love is merely to be In a state of perpetual anesthesia: To mistake an ordinary young man for a Greek god Or an ordinary young woman for a goddess."
We must widen the circle of our love until it embraces the whole village; the village in turn must take into its fold the district; the district the province, and so on till the scope of our love encompasses the whole world.
U''ve Been Called B4
Cupids Court
4 Stealing My Heart
Trespassing In My Dreams
Robbing Me Of My Senses
U''ve Been Sentenced
2 Lifetime With Me
Ho Do U Plead ? (:
People die younger because God love them more.

You r still alive that means there is someone on the earth who loves u much more than God
tum meri soch ho tumhe koi soche kyo,
tum meri chaht ho tumhe koi chahe kyo,
tum mera aina ho tumhe koi dekhe kyo,
tum meri dua ho tumhe koi mange kyo,
An unbeatable thot 4 d day.

"There is nothing more painful than d person whom u luv is in ur arms,

crying 4 d person whom she loves"
2 Teardrops Were Flowing Down Da River 1 Said 2 Da Other
Im D Teardrop Of A Grl Who Lovd&Nevr Expresed
Who R U?

I''m D Tear Drp Of D Boy Who Was Waitin 4 Her!
May no gift be too small to give,

nor too simple to receive,

which is wrapped in thoughtfulness


tied with love.
LOVE. . .

Its In Those Special Moments Together. ..
Those Laugh You Have Together
Those Secrets You Share
Those Promises You Made In Heart
Those Days You Wait To Meet
Those Million Sorrys You Say
Those Calls That Seems Like Seconds & You Never Know That Hours Have Passed. .