I miss the voice tha

I miss the voice tha
I miss the voice that calls my name
I miss the hand that holds me securely
I miss the words that enlivens my day
I miss those eyes that see my soul

I miss the way you call my name
Along with the way you hold my hand
I miss you dearly how you love me
And how you tell me you do

I long to hear that voice again
I hope to feel your hand brush against mine
I hope to see those eys
And I hope to be loved by you as long as I have life

Jun, 12 2010     445 chars (3 sms)     570 views       Love

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November ki ik sard sham main.
Tum nay hamaray hath tham kar hamari ankhoon main jhankhtay hoy kha tha.
k jab purwa ki thandi hawain chalain gi.
kali ghatain laharah kar ain gi.
Sawan TOOT kar barsay ga*TU*Asay main achanak Chupakay SAY MAIN Ajao GA.
Tumharay naam likhta hoon....!!

Tumharay naam likhta hoon...!!
Tumhare naam likhta hun,
Muhabbat aur khusboo ke,
Wafaon ke massarat ke,
Dhadakte dil ke wo nagme,
Jo insano ki dharti par,
Har eek mausam me gaye hain !

Tumhare naam likhta hun,
Akhuwat aur ulfat ke,
Sadakat aur azmat ke,
Wo phoolon jaise afsane,
Jo iss duniyan me logon ne,
Sune hain aur sunaye hain !
Its wonderful to wake up day after day adn to stretch out my hand and find that you r not a dream and that u r always there for me. . . LOVE YOU
Khaber he kaha thi k tum sy itni Muhabt ho jayie
k tum sy ek pal b door na rha paye gie
itni ulfat ho jayie gie tum bulao ya na bulao
hum khud he jana tumhry pass chaly ayie gy
True Poets Don''t Write

Their Thoughts With A Pen...

They Release The Ink That Flows

From Within Their Heart.
If i died or went sumwhere far i''d write ur name on every star so everyone could look up n see u mean the world 2 me.
shakespear said:
"love or hate me both are in my favour..if u love me i'll always be in ur HEART..if u hate me i'll always be in ur MIND"
Mehkhane me jaam tut jata hai,

ishq me dil tut jata hai.

Na jane kya rishta hai in dono me,

jaam tute to ishq yaad aata hai,

dil tute to jaam yaad aata hai.
Be Rehmi Se He Sahi Magar Kuch Bola To Karo.

Chup Rehte Ho To Nafrat Ka Gumaan Hota Hai.....!!!!!

Sometimes I Wish I Never Saw U
Never Met U
Never Knew U
Not Bcoz I Dunt Like U
Neither Bcoz I Hate U
Bcoz I''m Afraid I Might Loose U
Everything Has A Time And Place

Over Time Things Must Change

And Like A River Life Goes On

I Used To Say Love Was A Mistake

But I Was Wrong

Love Is The Greatest Thing

It Can Hurt Like Hell

But It Can Feel Like Heaven

And No Matter What Happens

This Love Make Me Dance Patiently
Me .. ^^