I took All The Pain

I took All The Pain
I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .

Jun, 12 2010     120 chars (1 sms)     729 views       Love

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Cute Answer When A Girl Asked Her Ex.. … Girl – Do U Still Love Me?? Boy – Pyar Ka To Pta Nahi, Lekin Mere Dost Aaj Bhi Mujhe Teri Kasam Dete Hain..!!
Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away
All the things I want to say can find no voice.
In silence,
I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart . . .
Each drop of a tear is costly

than anything in world!


no one knows its value

until they have it

in their own eyes for someone!
Raat Ka Galiban ,Aakhiri Pehar Tha …
Mujh Say Tanha Sitara Yoon Gooya Hoa
Hamnasheen …
Alwida !!
Aey Meray Hamnasheen . .Mujh Ko Nend Aa Gai
Tum Bhi So Jaao Ja Ker Kahen
Kal Milen Gay Yaheen..!!
Ye Sun Kar Main Halka Sa Muska Dia
Us Ko Batla Dia
Janay Walay Yahan Lout‘tay He Nahi
Tum Na Ao Gay Kal
Mujh Ko Hay Ye Yaqeen
Baat Sun Kar Meri
Wo Ruk Sa Gia …
Or Kehnay Laga ..
*Tum Say Wadah Karon
Phir Na Pora Karon ?
Aisa Mumkin Nahi …
Sun Meray Hamnashen …Main To Insaa‘n Nahi
Time is....

Too slow for those who wait,

Too swift for those whom fear,

Too long for those whom grieve,

Too short for those whom rejoice,

But for those who LOVE

Time is eternity.
Wo jo mera ho nigahon main haya rakhta ho,

Umar bhar saath nibhay azm-e-waffa rakhta ho,

Naz uss kay na uthao to shikayat na kary,

Gham utha kar bhi muskarany ki ada rakhta ho.
world bcomes invisible to me as eyes are filled with u,
nothing goes into mind as mind n heart are occupied by u
There''s Is 1 Moment In Your Life

Whn You''re Wid Some1 & You Feel Like

The World Has Stopped &

Your Life Seems So Perfect

Make Sure You

Never Lose Tht Prson (:
Years of Love have been forgot in the hatred of a minute
Yeh dua hai tumhari zindagi sawar jaye,
Har nazar mein bas pyaar nazar aaye,
Tumhe jiski talash hai mere dost,
khuda kare wo khud tumari talash mein aaye
As I Lie Awake In
My Bed
Al Sorts Of Thoughts
Run Through My Head
Why Do I Love U
As Much As I Do
Then I Realize
Its Becoz
You Are You ... :)
I duN wAnt a relationship iN which people say "how they r cute"
I want a relationshp in which people say "how they look happy wdh each other" ?