Time Spent with

Time Spent with
Time Spent with yOu ,fills me With sheer happiNess.
I know togethEr we will neVer be ..and this Does leave Me in sAdness.
When I see yOur smile ,I cAn''t help but smile too ..
At times I hear vOices bUt mainly They Are Just screaMs ..
The way I hold mySelf TOgether Is alot harder thaN It Seems ..

Jun, 12 2010     302 chars (2 sms)     468 views       Love

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Ye Shart-e-Mohabbat bhi Ajab hy ,
Main Pura Utroon to woh Miyar badal Deta hai ...........!!!!
Agar tum ye sochtai ho
k pori dunia tum se payar karti hai
to aun mein se aik mein bhi hon

Agar tum ye sochtai ho
k kuch log tum se payar kartain hain
to aun mein se aik mein bhi hoon

Agar tum ye sochtai ho
k sirf aik banada tum se payar karta hai
to woh mein hoon

Agar tum ye sochtai ho
k tum se koi nahi payar karta hai
to mein ais duniya mein nahi hoon
Rut Haseen Ayi Kesi

Aayaa Jub Wo Pardesi

Muskura Diya Jeevan

Phool Khil Rahay Aangan

Saanvli Si Larki Nay

Piyaar Paa Liya Aapnaa

Jo Sajaya Thaa Uss Nay

Such Hoova Wohi Sapna

Khud Pay Naaz Karti Thii

Sanvlii Si Aik Larki
Sabub Judai Ka Kuch To Batao Mujhay
Phir Chahay Dil-O-Jaan Say Satao Mujhay
Chalo Ye Mana K Fursat Nahe Tumhay
Magar Ye Lazim To Nahe K Bhool He Jao Mujhay
Each drop of a tear is costly

than anything in world!


no one knows its value

until they have it

in their own eyes for someone!
I have liked many,
but love very few,
yet no one has been,
as sweet as you,
i am the stand and
wait world''s longest que,
just for the pleasure,
of a moment with you.
It''s so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it''s not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands
Muddat say koi acha dost na mila
Ek zamanay k bad milna acha laga
Sagar say gehri lagi apki ankhein
Tairna to ata tha hamein par dobna acha laga
Mere aane ki aahat pe shama jalai hogi...
kabhi judai ke gum se aakh bhar aai hogi...
fikar na kar mere yaar...
us rabne milne ki koi to sham banai hogi...!
When U Need SomeOne To b Beside U And NoOne Is Arround Just Gaze Up In The Sky
U Mite Not SEE Me But Be Sure That We Are Under The Same Sky . . .
I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .
The Worst Thing You
Can Do For Love Is,
Deny It
When You Find That
Special Someone
Don''t Let Anyone Or
Anything To Get It
Your Wat ... :)