Time Spent with

Time Spent with
Time Spent with yOu ,fills me With sheer happiNess.
I know togethEr we will neVer be ..and this Does leave Me in sAdness.
When I see yOur smile ,I cAn''t help but smile too ..
At times I hear vOices bUt mainly They Are Just screaMs ..
The way I hold mySelf TOgether Is alot harder thaN It Seems ..

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It iS True That
"OPEN" n "CLOSE"... Are Words Wid Opposite Meanings
Try To Understand, Why WillYou Alwayz Be "OPEN" To The Person Who iS "CLOSE". . . .:->
Life spent with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless,
But a few moments spent with someone who really loves U,
Means more than a life itself!
Distance Can''t Separate Anyone.

Time Can''t Bind Anyone.

If Feelings Re True & From D Heart,

Just Close Ur

Eyes U Can Find D One U Miss
I''m so tired but I can''t sleep. . .
Standing on the edge of something much deep. . .
Its funny how we feel so much but cant say a word. . .
We are screaming inside but can’t be heard. . .
Falling In Love Is


She Falls Asleeps In Your Arms


Wakes Up in Ur Dream . . . [<~_~>]
D se dil
D se dilagi
D se dewangi
D se dard
D se dosti
D se dushmani
Per D se itna bhi Door mat hojana k
D se meri dil ki Dharkan ruk jaye
Love Is Thinking Of Them

When You Are Close Or Far Apart

Love Is Giving Someone

A Portion Of Your Heart
Or hon gay woh log jo mahabbat ko bhula detey hain,
hum tou ab bhi tujh hi k pass rah rah ker sada detey hain.
barri mushkil se mila kerte hain dost lakin phir bhi,
janey ahbab ko kiyou log bhula detey hain.
I think about you always,
and the way you make me smile.
like when i look into your eyes, it gives me butterflies.
When you hold me in your arms n
when my lips connect with yours,
its a feelin that i cant explain
because i never felt like that before.
Love And Death Are 2 Un-Invited Guests
When Will They Come
Nobody Knows
But Both Have Similar Effects
One Takes The Heart
Other Takes Its Beats
Tumne hi kaha tha k aankh bhar k dekh liya karo mujhe...,
Ab aankh to bhar aayi hai par tum nazar nahi aaty.
Jali Hui Rotiyon Per Bohat Shoar
Machaya Tum Ne
Maa Ki Jali
Hui Ungliyan Daikh Letey To Bhook Hi
Mitt Jaati