She said she usually

She said she usually
She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad

but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short

Tears are summer showers to the SOUL

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Two Hearts
Is Not
Of Just
How Strong
True Love
Can Be
Wo muskura rahe hai hume tanha chod kar,

Kiye huye saare waado ko tod kar.

Unke siva kahi dil lagta bhi nahi,

Ab kya karenge hum apne toote huye dil ko jod kar
True Love Comes Only With
One Person . . .
If It Comes For The Second
Time. . .
Its Just A Medicine
To Forget The First Love . . . =/

Strange But True
Dont shut luv out ov ur lyf by saying it is impossible 2 find...
The quickest way 2 gt lov iz 2 give luv....
The fastest way to loose is to hold it tooo tightly....
You are so special to me,
you’re my joy, my love, and my life.
Living without you will tear me apart
cause you make my life worth living
Love is like a game of chess:
One false move and you''re mated.
My heart, it speaks a thousand words
I feel eternal bliss
The roses pout their scarlet mouths
Like offering a kiss
No drop of rain, no glowing flame
Has ever been so pure
If being in love can feel like this
Then I''m in love for sure

-!- lOve nEveR diEs -!-
Kisi ki dhadkan ke piche koi baat hoti hai...
har dard ke piche kisiki yaad hoti hai...
aap ko pata na hoga...
apki har khushi ke peche hamari faryaad hoti hai!
Walk with me when ur hearts needs company,
take my hand when u feel all alone,
turn to me when u need some1 to lean on,
coz I''m the one u can always depend on!
Memories play a very confusing ROLE.... They make you laugh wen u remember the time u cried2gether!! bt make u cry wen u remember d time u laughed 2gether
The opposite of "Love" is not Hate,its opposite is to Avoid

Shakespeare said"if u d'nt Love me so plz Hate me but don't avoid me"
it hurts..
Falling In Love Is


She Falls Asleeps In Your Arms


Wakes Up in Ur Dream . . . [<~_~>]