She said she usually

She said she usually
She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad

but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short

Tears are summer showers to the SOUL

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The Biggest Similarity bout ur First Love
First Drop of Rain is;
That how much even U try 2 Escape from it..!
It Catches U..!!
Us Ne Door Rehnay Ka Mashwara B Likha Ha,
Saat He Mohabbat Ka Wasta B Likha Ha.
Us Ne Yeh B Likha Ha Meray Ghar Nehn AAna,
Or saaf Lafzon Me Rasta B Likha Ha
If Yur Heart Miss S0me0ne,

If Yur Eyes Have Tears F0r S0me0ne,

If Yur Life Has Time & Space F0r S0me0ne,

Then Yu Realy L0VE That S0me0ne!
Wonderful Quote:

"Love is the Seventh sense,
Which Destroys all the Six Senses"
Zandgi ! ab ky myra naam shamil na karna"

Gar ye ty hai ky yehe khyeel dobara ho ga''

Jis ky hony sy meri sans chla karti thi ''

Kis tara us ky bagar gozara ho ga......''

Ishq karna hai to din rat usy sochna hy''

Our koch zyhan mein aya to khsara ho ga''

Moj ko malom hai junhen mein kdam rhkun ga''

Zandgi tyra koi or kanara ho ga...................''

Love is just like life,
its not always easy and does not always bring happiness.
but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving
Carry Me Away From This Dark And Lonely Room
Light Me In Your Arms All I Want To Know Is You
Chase Away The Darkness With Everything U Are
I Will Find My Strength In The Beat Of Your Heart
Barsoon Baad Mile Woh Tu Galay Se Lipat Kar Ro Diye
Janty Ho dosto isi Ne Kaha Tha, K Tum Jese Bahot Milain Gay
I think we dream so that we don''t have to be apart for long..if we are in each other''s dreams,we can be together all night..
Every relationship has its problems

but what makes it perfect is

when you still want to be there

when everything sucks…
RabT_e RooH TooT Sa JaTa Hy sHab K Os Pehar
JaB WaJd KrtI HaiN Teri YaDeN mErE Khwabun Ki Cha0kht pE
“Mohabbat Naam Hai Mera”,
Agar Chaho Gey “Tum” Mujh Ko,
Tumhari Saans Se Pahle,
Tumhari Jaan Ban Jaoon,
Agar Dekho Gey “Tum” Mujh Ko,
Tumhari Ankh Se Pahle,
Tumhara Khawab Baan Jaoon,
Agar Sath Chalo Gey “Tum” Mere,
Tumhare Paoon Se Pahle,
Tumhari Raah Ban Jaoon,
“Mohabbat Naam Hai Mera”