She said she usually

She said she usually
She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad

but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short

Tears are summer showers to the SOUL

Jun, 12 2010     178 chars (2 sms)     601 views       Love

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Love is not how u 4get but how u 4give.............. It''s not how u listen but how u understand............... It''s not what u see but what u feel.................. & Its not how u let go but how u hold on.
Never give all ur luv n attention to 1 person, coz sumday if dat person decides 2 leave u, u''ll hv no1 left wid u...
Ghar mom ka pahlay to banaya nahi jata,
ban gayay to sooraj say bachaya nahi jata,
ab tum ho muqabil to mujhay harna hoga,
tum ko to meri jan haraya nahi jata ........

It is Easy to say, that you love someone

When you really don’t

But it really very very difficult to say,

That you don’t love the person

When you really do….
There are a lot of people

who call you by your name.

But there is only one person

who can make it sound

so damn special.
Kash main keh sakoon kabhi tm se
Dil ki har bat ankahi tm se.......... ...
Kash main keh sakoon kabhi ye bhi
bari mushkil hai dil lagi tm se
Kash ke main keh sakoon ke tm kya ho
Hai mere dil main chandni tm se
Kash main keh sakoon kabhi ke mujhe
Baat karni hai zaroori tm se
Kash ke ye bhi kabhi pooch sakoon
kaise hoti hai berukhi tm se
Kash wo waqt bhi ajaye ke ho
meri duniya main roshni tm se
Kash ye raz keh sakoon main kabhi
Hai ahseen meri shairi tm se
Kash lafzon main kabhi keh paoon
Mil ke hoti hai jo khushi tm se
Kash ye umr yoon guzar jaye
meri yadain rahain saji tm se.
I love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile.Your loving face,
no one will ever take your place
when I see u I feel I care 4u
when I kiss u I feel I miss u all the time
when I hug u I feel I need u
when I touch u I feel this is the end of my life
and now Im thinking of u I feel that I luv u more than ever I do
thats y I think of u all the time

-!- lOve nEveR diEs -!-
Rut Haseen Ayi Kesi

Aayaa Jub Wo Pardesi

Muskura Diya Jeevan

Phool Khil Rahay Aangan

Saanvli Si Larki Nay

Piyaar Paa Liya Aapnaa

Jo Sajaya Thaa Uss Nay

Such Hoova Wohi Sapna

Khud Pay Naaz Karti Thii

Sanvlii Si Aik Larki
Shadi Se Pehle"

Boy:Kash Wo Din Jald Aye.
Girl:Tm Muje Chor Nhi DoGe?
Boy:Nhi Esa Sochna B MaT.
.........Girl:Will U Miss Me?
Girl:TumHari ZindaGi Mei Koi Aur To Nhi?
Boy:No Not aT All.
Girl:Do U Love Me?
Boy:Yes Dear.
Girl:Oh Dear.


"Shadi K Baad"

Ab Ye StaTus Nechey Se Uper ParHen.
A Life Filled with Love

Must Have Some Thorns ...


A Life Empty Of Love

Will Have No Roses ...

Remember It
Easy to say - Difficult to stay..
Beautiful to feel - Difficult to deal...
Difficulty is a part of Life...
But That''s the reason...
Why Girlfriend is never a wife