What Does LOVE

What Does LOVE
What Does LOVE Look Like. . .?

It Has The HANDSTo Help Other
It Has FEETTo Hasten To Poor & Needy
It Has EYESTo See Misery & want
It Has EARS To hear Thee Sights & Sorrows Of Men . . .

That''s What LOVE Look Like

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If a raindrop would mean ... I love you
and you would ask me how much I love you,
i bet you that it would rain all day
Your heart

is my



teach me

the alphabet

of love
Let Love Come To You,
Be Patient.
In Fairy Tales
They Don’t Find Each 0ther
The Last Page
Two person on Death Bed. Ek wo jise ap PYAR karte ho & ek wo jo
Apko PYAR karta ho, and U can save only ONE.Whom would u like to
save? (REPLY WITH REASON)reply
aanvli Si Ik Larki

Aarzoo K Gaon Mein

Intizaar Karti Thii

Uss Ki Zindagi Mein Bhi

Ik Bahaar Aa Jaey

Uss Ki Duniya Mein Koi

Lay Kay Piyaar Aa Jaey

Sapnay Boonti Rehti Thii

Saanvli Si Aik Larki

Love Is A Portion Of The Soul Itself
It Is Of The Same Nature As The Celestial Breathing Of The Atmosphere Of Paradise. . . :)
Sweet Quote From
An 8 Years Old Kid

"LOVE Is When
I Can''t Pay Attention
In Class
I m Too Busy In
Writing ''HER'' 1st Name
With ''MY'' Last Name ..." (:
Udaas Ho
( )
. ; (
( )

Hoa Kya
. ; /

Hum Miley Gey
. ; )

Aitabar Karo
( )
. ; )

Ab To Muskrao
. ; )
Love Doesn''t Mean

Thinking Less About Yourself,

It Means Thinking

About Yourself Less.
Never Say I Love You If You Don''t Care . . .

Never Talk About Feelings

If They''re Not There . . .

Never Touch A Life If You Mean To Break A Heart.
Sath dil k chaly dil ko Nahin Roka ham ny
Jo na apna ta usy toot k chaha ham ny
aik dhoky main Kati umar hamari sari
Kia bataon k kis ko paya kis ko koya ham ne
~~ Ek Bhegi Hui Si Raat Mile ~~
~ Us Raat Me Tera Haath Miley ~
~~ Terey Lab Se Tapken Jo Bondien ~~
~~ Unhien Merey Laboon Ka Saath Miley ~~
~~ Kuch Tum Bhi Behkey Behkey Se Kuch Mujhpe Nasha Sa Tari Ho ~~
~ Her Pal Mien Chaey Madhosi ~
~~ Ek Aisi Raat Hamari Ho ~~
~~ Phir Tum Aao Meri Bahoon Me ~~
~~ Mien Piyar Keron Tujhey Jee Bhar Ke ~~
~~ Tum Mujhse Thora Sharma Jao ~~
~ Sharma Ke Galey Se Lag Jao ~
~~ Mien Jitna Tumko Piyar Keroon ~~
~~ Tum Itna Betab Ho Jao ~~
~~ Hamien Piyar Ke Kuch Lamhat Milien ~~
~~ Ek Bhegi Hui Si Raat Miley ~~