What Does LOVE

What Does LOVE
What Does LOVE Look Like. . .?

It Has The HANDSTo Help Other
It Has FEETTo Hasten To Poor & Needy
It Has EYESTo See Misery & want
It Has EARS To hear Thee Sights & Sorrows Of Men . . .

That''s What LOVE Look Like

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You Know It’s LOVE

When All You Want

Is That Person To Be Happy

Even If You’re Not

Part Of Their Happiness . . .
Love can be

An Enemy or A Friend

It can be

A Poison or Remedy

It can

Kill or Give Life To Others

Use It Wisely ... =]
Love.......y does it hurt?
y does it pain?
may b bcoz we love sum1 too much and too deep
that lwe forget to keep a little love for ourselves
We Have Grown To Be 1 Soul 2 Parts
Our Lives So Interwined That When Some Passion Stirs our Heart
I Feel Quake In Mine
Love Is Like A Flower

Give It Some Tym , Patience & Lots Of Tender Loving Care


Watch It Bloom Into Something Wonderful Before Ur Eyes
It Hurts 2 Love Some1 Who Doesnt Give u Time.

Bt It Hurts More Whn u

Realise That u Didnt Gave

Time 2 Some1 Who Really

Loved U...
When Lots Of People Start 2 Luv U
U May Get Confused Whom 2 Luv
Just Tell Them I Hate U
Evry1 Will Get Back
Bt Not d Person Who Luves U

Th3 HAnDsoM3
D3v|L ;->
Cute Answer When A Girl Asked Her Ex.. … Girl – Do U Still Love Me?? Boy – Pyar Ka To Pta Nahi, Lekin Mere Dost Aaj Bhi Mujhe Teri Kasam Dete Hain..!!
Passion'' a word which involves so many feelings; I feel it when we touch, I feel it when we kiss, I feel it when I look at you. For you are my passion, my one true love
Two hearts that beat as one,
which is what love is all about.
Two lives that intertwine,
never wanting to let one another go.
This is the genesis of love,
an everlasting one.
I am standing alone in the crowd,
Surrounded by people & music so loud.
My loneliness vanishes in a while,
As I think of U & Ur lovely smile.
Ebtida.e.ishq se takmeel.e.zindgi tak....

Tumhe chaha,
Tumhe chaha,
Aur sirf tumhe chahen gay...!!!