How do you spell

How do you spell
How do you spell love?... when you reach the point where the happiness, security, and development of another person is as much of a driving force to you as your own happiness, security, and development, then you have a mature love. True love is spelled G-I-V-E. It is not based on what you can get, but rooted in what you can give to the other person.

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i couldnt imagine wat would have been lyk if u had not been by my side 2 support in gud n difficult tymz.. showered ur unconditional luv n affectiion

widout which i couldnt have been wat i am 2day, a better perrson whoz hand u held 2 guide n i tread d ryt path alyz

i am glad i found u.. !!
Let the world stop turning,
Let the sun stop burning,
Let them tell me love''s not worth going through.
If it all falls apart,
I will know deep in my heart,
The only dream that mattered had come true
In this life I was loved by you.
Remember me like pressed flower in ur Notebook.
It may not b having any fragrance,
but will remind u of my existence 4ever in ur life...
Mohobat ka imtehan asan nahi,
Pyar srif paney ka nam nahi,
Mudatain beet jati hain kisi ke intzaar main, Ye srif pal do pal ka naam nahi.
In Arithmetic of Love One Plus One Is Equal To EveryThing
Two Minus One Is Equal To NoThing....
Hamare bin adhure tum rahoge,

Kabhi chaaha tha kisi ne,tum ye khud kahoge.

Na honge hum to ye aalam na hoga,

Milenge bahut se lekin koi hum sa pagal na hoga
See there''s this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It''s the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."
This Is Love, Isn''t It?
When You Notice Someone''s Absence
Hate That Absence
More Than Anything?
More Even Than,
You Love His Presence... !
Being Singal Is Cool
No Worrying Abt Any1,

No Obligations & Best Of All,No Heartaches

Bt U Know What?

If U''ll Never Get Ur Heart Broken,

U''ll Never Learn 2 Love
when I see u I feel I care 4u
when I kiss u I feel I miss u all the time
when I hug u I feel I need u
when I touch u I feel this is the end of my life
and now Im thinking of u I feel that I luv u more than ever I do
thats y I think of u all the time

-!- lOve nEveR diEs -!-
"Luv Is Not Made

By The Time...!

Its Made With Perso


With Whom

The Time Is Spent"...! :-)
One should not Love

just to fill in an empty space

but to have someone

to stay by his side

to complete the missing piece in his life....;->