Can u hear the

Can u hear the
Can u hear the sound of my eyezz..
M lonely without u..

Can u feel the warmth of my heart-beatzz..
M nomad without u..

B mine..!

Jun, 12 2010     137 chars (1 sms)     617 views       Love

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hum wafa kay aadi hum har dum wafaa karin gey

Bun kar faqeer teri zindagi ki dua karin gey

3 O''clock In The Night I Was Weeping
And You Thought That I Was Sleeping

You Saw Blood Pouring Out Of My Hand
And You Thought It Might Have Been Some Accident

You Saw Me Nearby Wherever You Went
And You Thought It Was Just Co-Incidence

Day And Night You Ruled My Imagination
And You Thought It Was Just Infatuation

Tensed And Dumb In Front Of You I Lay
And You Thought I Got Nothing To Say

When I Needed You I Cried In Pain
And You Thought I Was Lying Again

Hiding My Tears I Tried To Walk Tall
And You Thought I Didn''t Cry At All? . . . |''!''|
Multiply It by Infinity

Take It To The Depth

Of Forever


You Will Still Only Have

A Glimpse Of How Much

Tod diya dil humara unhone kitne baar,

aur Humne joda use baar baar,

Unhone kaha tuta dil kis kaam ka,

humne kaha zara dekho gaur se,

isme hai chehra sirf aap ka.
Love knows no limit to its endurance,
no end to its trust, no fading of its hope;
it can outlast anything.

Love still stands when all else has fallen.
Love Is Common
Emotion That Comes
To Everyone

If You Get Whom
You Love
That''s Achievement


If You Get Who
Loves You
That''s Life ... :)
Love Is Being Honest Wid Urselt @ All Times
Being Honest Wid Other Persom @ All Times
Telling, Respecting, Listening The Truth & Never Pretending . . .
Love Is When . . .

You Are Kept Awake At Night With The Thoughts Of Her/Him . . .


When Sleep Finally Finds You . . .

She/He Is Waiting There In Your Dreams . . . :->
I am in hospital now. After 5 minutes,
I will be transferred to a surgery room.
The doctor told me, I will die if I stop RECEIVING YOUR SMS.

Thinking of You - Death is only a phase everyone goes through but the love remain strong in the hearts of those who remain. See how even death cannot tear a husband love apart from his wife.
wo chand chup gia mujhe raat sonp kar,
Aankhoon ko intezar k lamhat sonp kar,
Aik shaihas tha jo mujhy se bichar gia,
Aankhoon ko meri mosam barsaat sonp kar.
Basti mein hai wo sannata k jangal maat lagy..
Shaam dhaly bhi ghar pohanchon to aadhi raat lagy..
Khat mein dil ki batein likhna achi baat nahi,
Ghar mein itnay log hein jaany kis k haath lagy…
Un sy bichray dil ko ujray barson beet gaye,
Aankhon ka ye hal abhi tak kal ki baat lagy…
Mutthi band kiye baitha hon k koi daikh naa ly,
K chaand pakarny ghar sy nikla “jugnoo” haath lagy