Love Is A Fire

Love Is A Fire
Love Is A Fire.

But Whether It Is Going To

Warm Your Heart Or Burn Down Your House,

You Can Never Tell

Everyone Says You

Only Fall In Love

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It Hurts 2 Love Some1 Who Doesnt Give u Time.

Bt It Hurts More Whn u

Realise That u Didnt Gave

Time 2 Some1 Who Really

Loved U...
If Love is Water
I will give you rivers and oceans
If Love is Space
I will give you the whole Universe
If heat is your Love
I wish the Sun beside me
U Can Live Without

The Person Who Says

” U R MINE ”

But U Can NEVER Live

Without Someone

Who Says

gaalo pe aansuo ki lakir ban gayi,socha na tha aisi takdir ban gayi humne to firayi thi ret pe ungali dekha to teri tasveer ban gayi.

The power of a glance... It is in this way that love begins, and in this way only... Nothing is more real than these great shocks which two souls give each other in exchanging this spark.
Love doesn’t require two
people look at each other,


that they look together in
the same direction.......
Everytime I look into your eyes, I fall in love again. I know that I''ve only known you for less than a tenth of my life, but I feel like I''ve known you since the dawn of time.

I''m never tire of looking at your pictures, reading your letters that you''ve written to me. All of these things keep me so happy and feeling so blessed that I have truly found the one person that I want to spend eternity with. You are the only person on earth that has ever been able to calm me down when I get worked up. Talking to you makes my day great.
Love lives on hope,

and dies when hope is dead;

It is a flame


sinks for

lack of fuel.
Love is falling asleep dreaming of the one that makes you smile and waking up smiling about the one u dream of.
Best Romantic Words :-

I dont know how Beautiful you are...

''coz my eyes haven''t moved from ur eyes....
Loving is a feeling that brings both joy and
pain to my heart. Joy from being with you,
being filled with an emotion so deep and
tender that no other feeling can compare.
Pain from knowing that I''m so in love, that
I''m more vulnerable than I''ve ever
Jab Kabhi Aankh Mein Ashque Bhar Aye
Kuchh Log Dubte Nazar Aye
Hum Intzar Kar Rahe The Barson Se Jinka
Mera Naseeb Hai Ki Aaj Wo Udher Aye