Love Is A Fire

Love Is A Fire
Love Is A Fire.

But Whether It Is Going To

Warm Your Heart Or Burn Down Your House,

You Can Never Tell

Everyone Says You

Only Fall In Love

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Door ho ya paas ho Aap hamare liye kuch khas ho
Kahte hai sabse bada rishta pyar hai to suno,
Hamare liye to pyaar ka matlab hi Aap Ho.
A Luvly Saying By Shakespare

Doubt The Stars r Fire

Doubt The Sun Dont Move

Doubt Truth To Be A Liar

But Never Doubt Love

"Love Is Utter Submission"
Aap khafa hogaye tokoi khushi na rahegi,
aapke bina chirago me roshni na rahegi,
kya kahe kya guzregi dil par,
zinda to rahenge par zindagi narahegi.
I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time and...
In every moment of the Day !
True love is not measured in hugs and kisses, but in struggles and fears, and those who can work though those...they possess true love
Its wonderful to wake up day after day adn to stretch out my hand and find that you r not a dream and that u r always there for me. . . LOVE YOU
Khamosh muhabbat ka ehsaas hai wo,
mere khwahish mere jajbat hai wo,
aksar ye khyal kyu aata hai dil mai,
meri pahli khoj or aakhiri talash hai wo.
''CRY'' Is A Love Detecter.

When Sum1 Makes You Cry It Shows

That How Much You Love Them

And If Someone Crys

For You It Shows Their Love For You
Love Duzn''t Belong
To Bodies
It Must Have Affection
But Not Attraction
Belief But No Doubt
Security But Not
Joy But Not Guilty ...
Saying Goodbye

So Soft
The Brief Touch Of Your Lips
On My Cheek.

Was I Almost Intruding?

"Look After Yourself "
Should Have Been
"I Love You!"

Then The Jumbo Flew Over
My Head
And I Shouted My Love
Above The Roar
And Thundering Thrust

. . . As If You''d Hear.

Through The Clouds In My Eyes
I Watched You Fly Away
And Wished I''d Been Born With Wings.
hum ne tum se pyar kia tum ne ksi or se pyar kia
khuda kre jis se tum pyar kro woh ksi or se pyar kre
Wen i was a baby i was afraid to lose my mom,
Wen i was a kid i was afraid to lose my toy,
nw im older my fear grew bigger n im afraid
to lose som1 like u Baby Al..