whn a girl falls dow

whn a girl falls dow

Whn A Girl Falls Down
She Is Helpe By So
Many People
Whn A Boy Falls Down
Everybody Laughs

Whn A Girl Licks
Her Lips
She Is Thirsty
Whn Boy Licks
His Lips
He Is Tharki

Whn A Girl Smiles
She Is Considerd Cute
Whn A Boy Smiles
He Is Flirt ...

Still People Say
This Is Men''s World ... ;->

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BAAp: BEtA Aj AsmAAn sE Ek PAri aAyegi

Or Tumhen Chhoti MuNNi Gift de kr jAyegi

BEtA: Abbu ChutyA mAt bAnAyen,

HospitAL jAyen AmMi ki

DeL¡vEry hoNE wALi hy ;->

Sadyon Mai Pehli Baar Aisa Hua Hai JAn|x....
K Bachay Paper Honay Ki Dua Kr Rahay Hain... ;->
Check Out 3D Msg first time on mob
D D D..

Wh8''s The Difference
Between Mechanical
Engineer & Civil
Engineer ... ???

Mechanical Engineer
Build Weapons , Civil
Engineer Build Targets ... ;->
Padhai sirf do wajah se hoti hai?
shauk se
ek khauf se
Shauk hume he nahi
Khauf to hame
kisi ka bhi nahi he

To Jiyo bindas...

Nice Quote:

People says that you can''t live without love...

but I think....

oxygen is more important... ;->
''This SMS has been flagged inappropriate and may contain text or image unsuitable for public view.
Are you sure you want to see it?''

Girls are like Internet domain names..

the ones I like are already taken!
Agar app kaheen baithey hoon aur 5 ghantey ghuzarney k bawajood light na jaye to app k zehan mein aaney wali pehli baat kya ho ghee?

"Aeho k mein Pakistan wich nayeen"
Guzri Hui Zindagi Ko kabhi
yad Na Karna,

Taqeer Me Jo Likha Hai uski
Faryad Na karna ,

Jo Hona Hai Wo Ho Kar Hi

Aap Fikar Me Apni Hansi
Barbad Na Karna.;->
Real Heart Touching Story
"A b0y sent the most expensive bird that c0uld speak 40 languages as a birthday gift 2 his g.f.
next day he asked about the gift.
b.f:hows the bird??...
g.f:very tasty:-)
What Would U Call The Most Beautiful Ant???