whn a girl falls dow

whn a girl falls dow

Whn A Girl Falls Down
She Is Helpe By So
Many People
Whn A Boy Falls Down
Everybody Laughs

Whn A Girl Licks
Her Lips
She Is Thirsty
Whn Boy Licks
His Lips
He Is Tharki

Whn A Girl Smiles
She Is Considerd Cute
Whn A Boy Smiles
He Is Flirt ...

Still People Say
This Is Men''s World ... ;->

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5 Signs U Need To Be A Taliban:
1. U Have More Wives Than Teeth
A2. U Own A $5000 Rocket Launcher But Can''t Afford Shoes.
3. U Refine Heroin But Haue A Moral Objection To Beer.
4. U Think Vests Come In 2 Sttyles : Bullet Proof And Suicide.
And Most Significantly !
5. U Wipe Your Arse With A Stonee....
Ven Tears Cums Out Of Ur Eyes
Reason Is U r Sad

Ven U Smile
Reason Is U r Happy

But Ven Start Laughing While Crying

No Need 2 Tell D Reason

Sab Pagal He Kahenge ;->
Do U Know?

How A Normal Person Becomes Abnormal?

How A Person Bears His Insult With Smiling Face?

How A Person Laughs And Weeps With No Reason?

How A Person Is Blackmailed To Study?

How A Person Becomes Old In The Teen Age?







"NAVY" =P ;->

Ek Molvi Ek Aurast Se
Takra Gya, Aurat Ghussay
"aapko Sharm Nhi Aati
Daarhi Rkh kr Takkar
Maar Rahy Hyn?"

Molvi-Mohtarma Ye
Daarhi Hy Breake''n
Nahi ... ;->

If Girl laughs loudly she''s Cheerful
If Boy laughs loudly he''s Mannerless

If Girl talks sweetly she''s Charming
If Boy talks sweetly he''s a Flirt

If Girl is shoping she''s Trendy
If Boy is shoping he''s Wasting Money

If Girl is silent she''s Feeling Sad
If Boy is silent he''s Being Rude

If Girls walk in group it''s a Group
If Boy walks in a group it''s a Gang

If Girl can''t come for a date she''s Busy
If Boy can''t he''s Lying.;-)
Some Interesting Oneliners:

*If u cannot change ur mind,r u sure u hav one

*If u cant convince them,confuse them

*I couldnt repair ur brakes,so i made ur horn louder

*The trouble with being punctual is that no one is there to appreciate it

*In a country ov free speech,why r there phone bills?

*Smile,it makes people wonder what u r thinkin

*The light at the end ov the tunnel may be an incomin train
Twice h0liday in A Week Applied bY Pak Govt 4 Saving 4000 M.W light.

Bt i hAve a Mega Project.

Q Na Pora saAL Chutian Kr k 192000 M.W Light sAve Ki jAye.

Export Bhi Kr Sktay hYn.

Now You Are Thinking.

Kya Chabli Mari Mainay.

Per Ay sOcho Shro KinNay KitTi?
Husband:Tumse shadi kar k mujhe ek baat ka to fayida huwa,

Wife:Konsa ?

Husband:Mujhe apne saarey gunaahon ki saza dunya mein hi mil gayi.
There is nothing to read in this msg.

U still coming down? ? ?

Jahila tenu punjabi ch e dasna paina a.

Es msg ch kuj v nai likhya parhan vastay.. ;->
Lagey raho...

Lagey raho...

main ney khawaab mein
daikha main Musharf
ki jagah sardar ban gaya

tum par bhi koi paabandi
nahin jo marzi sapney
USA inventd a machine 2 catch thievs

30min it caught 20thievs

30mins 30thievs

In India
30min 90thievs

In 5mins da machine was stolen:-)
Wife came home with a goat.
Husband asked”Is bhains ko ghar kion lai ho?”
Wife:”Dikhta nahin, bakri hy!”
Husband:”Bakri se hi poch raha hon”