Any Man Can Love

Any Man Can Love
Any Man Can Love

A Million Girls


Can Love One

Girl In A Million Ways..

Jun, 12 2010     103 chars (1 sms)     705 views       Love

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Love Is Like Swallowing Hot Chocolate . . .
Before It Has Cooled Off.
It Takes You By Surprise At First. . .
But Keeps You Warm For A Long Time. . .
I would like to be a tear,
born in your eyes,
alive passing your cheeks and dieing on your lips.
Humare dil me dhadkan aapki sunai deti hai,
Aankhon me surat aapki dikhai deti hai.
Chalte to hum hai lekin,
jab mudte hain to parchhai aapki dikhai deti hai.
You''re the shoulder I lean on,
the hand that I hold,
The eyes with the message
That never grows old,
The smile that is part of
Each warm memory -
You''re everything special
That means love to me.
When U Need SomeOne To b Beside U And NoOne Is Arround Just Gaze Up In The Sky
U Mite Not SEE Me But Be Sure That We Are Under The Same Sky . . .
while i am not alyz gud abt saying "i luv u"
i hope u knw i do.. ...
and everyday,
dat we share makes me
luk forward to
whole lyf of luving u... ..!!

i couldnt imagine wat would have been lyk if u had not been by my side 2 support in gud n difficult tymz.. showered ur unconditional luv n affectiion

widout which i couldnt have been wat i am 2day, a better perrson whoz hand u held 2 guide n i tread d ryt path alyz

i am glad i found u.. !!
The Greatest Distance
Earth Isn''t North And
It Is When I Am Right In
Of You And You Don''t
Know That

~ I Love You ~
Road has speed
Bank has money
Exam has Time
Building has hight
But my love has
NO limit 4u.. :->
Beymaainay hotay hain woh lamhay jub tum paas nahi hotay
Lagtaa hai mujhay aisay ke zindagi tehr gayee ho jaisay
Aasman bhi beyrounuq sa lagtaa hai mujhay ke
Kisi nay chand taaron ki roshni chura lee ho jaisay
TRUE LOVE means:
To FEEL someone in ever HEARTBEAT,
to FIND someone in every THOUGHT,
to SEE someone with CLOSED EYES,
and to MISS someone without reason:)
Ye tu Dil tha Dewana k Tum per aa gaya
Warna Hum Keemti pathron ko be uthaya nhi krty
Ye mana k Tum Haseen hoo magr ye be sun loo
Hum Haseen logon se dil lagaya nhi krty
Jis se Krty hain pyar bus ek hi baar krty hain
Baar baar hum b kisi ko sataya nhi krty