Any Man Can Love

Any Man Can Love
Any Man Can Love

A Million Girls


Can Love One

Girl In A Million Ways..

Jun, 12 2010     103 chars (1 sms)     588 views       Love

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Love Is A Driver ...

Bitter And Fierce
If You Fight And
Resist Him,

Once You
Acknowledge His
Power ... :)
True Love Comes Only With
One Person . . .
If It Comes For The Second
Time. . .
Its Just A Medicine
To Forget The First Love . . . =/

Strange But True
Losing The Person U Luv . . . Hurts
Some Ppl Say Its Not A Big Deal
But It’s Really Tough
Especially When The One U Loved
Was The Only One U Have Ever Loved . . .
When Lots Of People Start 2 Luv U
U May Get Confused Whom 2 Luv
Just Tell Them I Hate U
Evry1 Will Get Back
Bt Not d Person Who Luves U

Th3 HAnDsoM3
D3v|L ;->
The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most handsome you will meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will takecare of you each and every day until the end of time.
Best ever quote in "LOVE"
Some say
"Always Rremember Me"
Some Say
"Never 4get me"

But I Will Say..
"4get Me if U Really Can!"
Mohabat phir Muhabat he....

Kbi Dil se nhi jaati,

Hazaron rang hain is k,

Ajab hi dhang hain iske,

Kabi sehra.

Kabi darya,

Kabi jugnu,

Kabi aansu,

Hazaro roop rakhte he,

Badan jhulsa k jo rakh de

Kabi wo dhoop rekhti he,

Kabi ban kar ye ek jugnu shab-e-gham k andheron main

Dilon ko aas deti he,

Kabi manzil kenaarey par piyasa maar deti he,

Aziyat hi aziyat hai,


Ye b haqiqat he,

Muhabat phir muhabat he

Kabi dil se nhi jaati...
Line said by a lover.....
''stab me frm bak cos it wil b less painful tan to c u wit sum 1 else''..
i heard someone whisper ur name''
but when i turned around to c who it was,
i notice i was alone,
then i realize it was my heart
telling me that i miss u.
Good days come often,

Bad days do too,

But the best days only come when

I’m with you.
Multiply It by Infinity

Take It To The Depth

Of Forever


You Will Still Only Have

A Glimpse Of How Much

Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work. Love makes all things beautiful. I Love You my only love.